World's Best Breakfast Recipe – Shakshuka AKA Tomato Eggs

All Ingredients and Method Below!!! Check out my for recipes and pics @primal_gourmet Turn on HD for maximum …

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44 Responses to World's Best Breakfast Recipe – Shakshuka AKA Tomato Eggs

  1. Wow dude I made this recipe this morning with jalapenios it was amazing ! I will look for the spice that you used, thank you so much for sharing!👍🏻😊😄

  2. Looks amazing,. but agree with others who have commented, this needs to be eaten with a crusty bread, oh and my eggs need to be slightly more cooked too. Other than that.. cracking recipe <3

  3. I cooked it for the first time today. Must say, it is one of top breakfasts I have had.

  4. Lois Holmes says:

    Trying to find harissa….. where is it?

  5. That's not Tunisian. That's MEXICAN Chilllie paste!!!

  6. hfranke07 says:

    Looks great. I will try this. But I find the knife you use strange. I would never use a curved knife to do this job (cant even think of any cooking job to use a knife like this). Do yourself a favour and get a good chef knife. This will make you time in the kitchen much more easy.

  7. Ztir says:

    I am making this now.. ☺

  8. I want some! that shakshuka looks good too

  9. Thanks for the great video on making a simple but really tasty and healthy dish!

  10. 2019 and still trying to find the subscribe button he pointed to.

  11. le proboscis says:

    shakshuka on toast for brekkie tomorrow!

  12. coolmanu55 says:

    It sux… Thu.. Yak.

  13. earlbee31 says:

    Nice wristwatch on that beautiful NATO strap

  14. earlbee31 says:

    Great knife skills
    Great food also

  15. Where’s the cumin dude?

  16. ReKKTT says:

    Sarımsaklı menemen mi olur amına koyayım

  17. ReKKTT says:

    Garlic on breakfast…

  18. Sturgeon says:

    No cumin. No cheese.


  19. Works as pizza topping as well. Crack the eggs just before the pizza goes into the oven. Add the cilantro fresh before serving.

  20. Darth Father says:

    You need some dark toast to go with it ! What the hell are you doing..

  21. Junior Wear says:

    You reminded me , my younger days in North Africa….Thx, Ronny.

  22. looks like some good fucking shit. great vid

  23. Shan Sam says:

    You can cook with boiled egg.

  24. Ahl Rivero says:

    i can smell the food through my screen

  25. David Frak says:

    When I try your recipe, I'll add chickpeas, and call it "Chick-shakshuka!"

  26. Awesome recipe, I'm surely going to make this, don't have harissa though, what can I use instead


  28. Shakshuka got me shook😋😋

  29. Andrea Papi says:

    I love shakshuka, but I wonder how does the castiron skillet look after… Does the acid of tomatoes strip down the non-sticking layer?

  30. No bread no shakshuka full experience you did it wrong my friend

  31. Tom Eddy says:

    Ya better be good with a knife our you'll have fingers in your recipe. At least finger tips. Ha ha ha Recipe looks good. By the way I love the way you cook.

  32. Esos son huevos rancheros XD

  33. SAUS says:

    In South Africa we call that "Bisto"
    I usually add Mushrooms and fresh chillies then baby spinach at the end. The best all day dish 💞💯

  34. Abush Shebo says:

    Imagine if it had bacon on it

  35. e c says:

    I subscribed when he said,” don’t throw that away and use them for a stock”!

  36. Paul Berg says:

    When you heat up the olive oil by using it for frying, for example, it's not healthy anymore because the heat transforms the polyunsaturated fats of the oil into saturated fats, either way everything looked amazingly tasty!

  37. Kha Sh says:

    Did you copy and paste the ingredients as well as the name of the dish from ours or what, small world

  38. Bullet King says:

    I'm in india. This recipe is ancient, made by poorest of the poorest everyday till we got nothing else to eat if there is no money.. Hehehe.. It's called tomato gujju, tomato chutney (without the eggs btw). Additional tip.. In addition to paprika, add Ginger garlic paste, garam masala, turmeric powder, tamarind juice, it's fantastic after this.. Why chicken eggs.. Pigeon eggs.. It's mast after this.. Enjoy

  39. Oh, sooooooomouth watteringgggg

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