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26 Responses to WHY DOCTORS DON'T RECOMMEND VEGANISM #4: Dr Alan Goldhamer

  1. doctors dont prescribe plant based diet…becasue they are not trained properly in it ….simple as that …there is no conspiracy …most doctors are just average people…they go to university and take the degrees, and come out knowing all about the different systems in the body and the prescription drugs that help them…they dont do a course on bottany , and plant food healing..its a bit new age…in fact its actually ancient.

  2. all food eat home are grains/veggies and beans but i eat animal pruduct once a week when im out.

  3. Martin says:

    When we learn that vegetables feel pain what will do ?

  4. Great Interview Klouse,,,,,,Vega foods on Instagram = mikewakethefoodup

  5. This doctor says plant based is healthy. My doctor says reduce carbs. Losing faith in medical establishment. -Struggling V

  6. Gabe 111 says:

    Thanks a million to vegans for showing effort on trying to make this place a better place. Thanks a lot!!!!🙏⚕🙌♻️🌳

  7. Everything else is fine but I don’t understand why he doesn’t get a haircut

  8. Because doctors aren’t in the health business but in the medical business

  9. I love the content of this interview and the articulate, compassionate and thorough answers this doc provides! I wish that he and Dr. Hyman looked healthier though!!!

  10. 60 year old guy looks 40. Full of energy and vitality. He is a walking ad for his message. Walking the talk.

  11. m mc says:

    The attractive people are leaving veganism and these animated corpses are not going to save it. Come on guys…..would you let Freddy Kruger take your kid through a haunted house? I don’t care how smart these guys think they are! Pay someone to be your spokesperson. Yikes!

  12. Fasting cleanses and heightens the taste buds and changes the inner terrain that is friendly to yeasts, fungi and parasites who also have their "taste" demands, so the more you fast the less you have the other cravings aside from what the body itself needs and wants, which would of course be a species-specific diet of fruits and herbs. The major other problem becomes the mind which remembers nostalgically all the foods that used to taste good and just won't give up – the mind has to be re-routed too.

  13. During a fast my body did a great salt purge and after that I could even bite into an apple and realize that there was a saltiness to it, and I could now taste all the delicate flavors in vegetables that I could not before taste because of the salt that was added to them.

  14. I’m doing a fast but when done I need a vegan ranch dressing option and I need to get over string cheese addiction

  15. don't the experts on the economy say that health care will in another decade or so bankrupt the nation?… when that begins then educating people to keep them healthy will be a necessity. I think it's already started. diseases and the medications and treatments used to treat diseases are becoming too expensive..even if we go to a universal Medicare single payer. If the majority of the population dosen't take respondsibility for staying healthy the country will bankrupt itself. ( the pig chicken/fowl beef farms will stop polluting the environment rivers soil etc..in the southern states it's a serious problem)

  16. Renee Luvs says:

    pretty offensive that so called modern medicine is just hitching their ride to something that holistic doctors have been practicing for decades and decades… sickening how information is molded this hero status when traditional medicine has been the staple for centuries.

  17. Pretty funny that fasting is considered " radical" but not…having open heart surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. that poison your body and worse. Great interview.

  18. When docs "learn" something, it's very hard for them to unlearn it. The curriculum in medical schools has a huge impact on what they learn. Nobody seems to be talking about who decides what constitutes this curriculum, and who might benefit from the pharma-centric approach that is currently being applied.

  19. PranaPowered says:

    why does it have to animal vs non animal food cant we speak real whole food vs fake processed food?
    In nature there are no humans that are vegan. If we are to bevome vegan which i personally see as a viable potential – yall vegan doctors need to step the fuck up and stop blaming animal food industries as there are equally many plant food industries promoting "food" much worse for human health than any real naturam animal food ever will. Please start fulfilling your duties and stop being black and white(idiocracy..) – if you blame animal foods for ill health please only use studies and science that is actually relevant – science made on REAL food animal or not.
    This vegan non vegan shit is ridiculous – get real and talk real food PLEASE so we an start actually uniting and solving the problems instead of fighting in vain over shit not worth fighting for…

  20. Hey it's Mark Zuckerberg's older brother! 😉

  21. ferrygirl100 says:

    Paavo Airola a Naturpath in the 70's promoted water fasting as did many other Naturopaths many many years ago, why does it take so long for this to become semi mainstream? Mostly because science of medicine, docors and big pharma dispute it so vigorously because of the amount of money the will lose because they cannot patent it!

  22. This is why I always ask at restaurants for vegan options, even if I know they don’t offer them …it’s to make a point. I’m vegan, if they want my money, they’ll offer vegan food options.
    If they literally have nothing for me to eat, I just eat nothing. That’s right. I take up space at the table while others eat (I usually eat something before leaving home just in case this happens) and the restaurant makes no money on my spot 🤷‍♀️. Offer vegan food. #WFPB #Vegan

  23. Fantastic video.
    I can testify the benefits of fasting together with a plant based whole foods diet/lifestyle.
    I’m Type 2 Diabetic and have lost so much weight healthily this summer that I am on the verge of reversing ii. I already don’t take any of my medications whilst fasting (no need as not eating) and only do so on the days I eat. Soon O will go to my doctor to get the all clear and stop taking them altogether!
    I’m so very pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend this way forward to any with an illness and for those who are fat.
    Thank you for spreading the good information and facts.

  24. Max Power says:

    Steaks, burgers, pizza and such taste GREAT. They're not evil, there's ZERO evil or sin in killing and eating ANIMALS.

    True, eaten with moderation, but not removed entirely from "Diet".

  25. Max Power says:

    Hard to understand that one guy.

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