Whole 30 Food Haul: What to Buy When Going Paleo!

Check out our in-depth food haul and Whole 30 overview where we discuss out plan to start the Whole 30 eating plan, how we’re preparing for it, and what …

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37 Responses to Whole 30 Food Haul: What to Buy When Going Paleo!

  1. Anna S says:

    I am going to start whole30 soon thanks for this video.

  2. Enki Enlil says:

    One thing I have seen common in all these whole 30 videos are " everybody is glowing".

  3. I'm starting Whole 30 on March 1st and this video was so informative and you both are so funny! Thank you so much! I'm subscribed now! Cannot wait for more videos!

  4. You guys are so funny you should do comedy

  5. Thank fully I do not have to worry about eggs, my neighbors raise their own, and sell us a half a dozen. You both are awesome! This really helped me get started on my own journey as well.

  6. Xpouii - says:

    The best part of the Paleo diet is to get pasture raised organic eggs all I have to do is switch my chickens to organic scratch (supplement to round out their grass and bug diet)! I also raise rabbits, turkeys and quail for meat. So I won't spend a ton buying eggs or white meat but that organic feed is about three times the price. I now realize why organic meat is so much pricier!

  7. Hey not that I am an expert but cook with coconut oil, instead of EVOO because C.O is better with the heat. 🙂

  8. Hi there getting going on this. I am confused about Gluten-free bread like Glutino. Is this a def no? Or just not go crazy on it? Found Ghee finally at Trader Joe's and happy to see sweet potatoes 🙂

  9. How many cavemen had Ghee? I thought it was "No Potatos" yams are "Sweet potatos"..????

  10. Jerry M. says:

    If you are what you eat eats, did what you ate eat a fruit?

  11. Nina Svane says:

    So funny when you said that everywhere is going to have a farm or something (i know you ment the US obviously) but i live in greenland where agriculture is limited to potatoes and EVERYTHING has to be imported:) i sure eat a lot of frozen vegetables because the "fresh" stuff is just so expensive!

    great video 🙂

  12. Nina Svane says:

    bingewatched a bunch of your videos and can't get over how much i like you:D i just want to hang out and be friends 😀

  13. Wes says:

    Great video! THANKS GUYS!

  14. what was the canned pasta sauce? where can one find it?

  15. krzymami says:

    "Not organic, what are you gonna do"…literally lmfao from that lol, love this video! I'm on the whole 30 program and (after the "hangover phase") I love it!

  16. JennaMillen says:

    You guys are awesome!

  17. Holly R says:

    love the egg comments and found it to be true….Once you love through paying 7 bucks a dozen, you start to cut your budget in other areas to afford them.

  18. Kaiah Lyric says:

    no Trader Joes here…no organic stores 🙁

  19. lcashley2011 says:

    You two are hilarious! Starting my whole30 Jan 1st and doing research and came across your video. Thanks for posting, lots of great tips. FYI, I believe chickens run through "a field", LOL 😂😂. I will be looking for that pasture raised label, though. BTW, just did a sneak peak through your videos after this one and Josh looks great, looks like you have been loosing since this one! Thanks again, happy eating!

  20. Just subscribed to your channel! Love the healthy tips!

  21. Katie R says:

    Did you have to go to different grocery stores from some of the items, like the ghee?

  22. You guys are so cute I had to subscribe (also F's laugh just makes me happy!) I am starting whole 30 for the first time this week and am doing the big shop tomorrow and this video was so helpful! How did you end up using the coconut chips and milk? I normally use the coconut chips on toast with PB but since bread and PB are out, I'm not sure what else to do with them! Any help is appreciated!


  23. cathy thirty says:

    love you guys.. keep up the good work….

  24. wonderful shopping list! im on day 5 now 🙂 thanks for sharing! and yaaaaas sweet potatoes <3 my fav thing ever!! keep up the great vids! xx

  25. Well, the door bell at the start of your videos sure gets my pups going haha. Love the whole 30 stuff guys!

  26. You guys are great! You seem very reasonable about the diet. I'm not into paleo but I'm addicted to healthy grocery haul videos!

  27. Great video! loved the point about how its not a one size fits all "diet" plan, but you find what fits your body!! 🙂

  28. Garden Craze says:

    I love your video!  My husband and I might do the whole 30 and your video helped me know what to expect.  Just one thing about eggs and zucchini.  I buy pasture raised eggs from my neighbor for $2 a dozen.  Actually they charge $1.50 a dozen but I told them they are under charging and decided to pay $2 instead.  Typically, people selling eggs out of their homes in the suburbs or country are always pasture raising their chickens and don't overcharge.  Also, about the zucchini, I grow a LOT of organic zucchini and the size of the zucchini only depends on when you pick it, not whether it is organic or conventional.  However, zucchini always tastes better when it is smaller (the size that you guys purchased is perfect.)  Large zucchini is very bland.  I'll let you guys know if we decide to do a whole 30!  Thanks!

  29. Laura Moore says:

    You guys have turned into my favorite you tubers! I watch every single one of your videos. You are hidden gems that need to be discovered by everyone! I recently lost 40lbs by clean eating, but have tons of digestive issues. I have the book, and your video reminded me of this program. Giving it a shot! I don't feel it will be impossible for me due to the dietary changes I have already made.

    Keep up the good work👍

  30. Joy Sims says:

    Whole30 was a HUGE game-changer for me.  I learned what foods make me feel bad, tired, irritable, and even happy (can you believe it?)  Now that I've been finished for a week or so including the reintroductions, I feel like I have a good idea of what's going on with me.  Good luck to you guys!!!  Can't wait to hear all about the journey!

  31. 43Aquaman says:

    this is foolish. you cannot, and will not be able to live and eat like this for more than a short period of time. its a fad, and fads fail.

  32. Good luck with this journey.  I can't imagine giving up dairy (cheese!) completely but I'm trying to ditch all processed and all sugar at the moment and it's tough!  I recommend a Spiralizer to make easy vegetable ribbons for interesting salads and al dente with sauces! Susan, London

  33. Lisa Didycz says:

    This is a cool new way of eating hope it works for you all. My friend at work has acres of land and has a ton of chickens she gives me all the eggs in can possibly use. Lol I love coleslaw too I like it mixed with olive oil and vinegar. You could add spice like toasted sesame seeds to it or celery seeds some dry mustard for a little kick. Good luck guys. Lisa in Delaware. 😊

  34. Sammy Kay says:

    This is cool. I converted to vegetarianism quite awhile ago and recently decided to do a pescetarian diet. This seems like something I could do but still remain pescetarian. It will be hard to give up beans and rice, as I live in the Southwest, but it isn't impossible 🙂 I can't remember: Are you guys going to track your progress in vlog? I'd love to hear how it goes and see your progress.

  35. Great video! My mom did the Whole 30 and loved it! I also love that you did your research regarding grass fed, pastured, etc. Would enjoy cooking videos with Whole 30 meals, even if they don't turn out. 🙂

    Keep it up! Love your channel.

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