What is Paleo? A Basic Guide

Let’s talk about Paleo! What is paleo? How do you eat paleo? What do you not eat? It’s not a trendy diet, it’s a lifestyle change! Anna’s Paleo Guide …

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29 Responses to What is Paleo? A Basic Guide

  1. j&h Kerns says:

    Please made more Paleo Videos!

  2. Bob Jackson says:

    I heard about Paleo a little over two years ago from a neighbor. I had become extremely overweight and had developed a heart condition and my body was right at the tipping point of prediabetese. So I decided to do the Paleo at MY pace with MY choices. I lost about 80 pounds over these past 27 months and whenever I go to the doctor, all my bloodwork comes back normal for everything…which is a first. Even my heart issues are healing which the doctor could not believe.

    I don't diet and never even thought about weighing myself until I realized my clothes were so loose they were starting to fall off. I have never "preached" the Paleo lifestyle to anyone since it is a personal thing between my body and what I put into it. When someone asks me I tell them what I am doing but I always ALWAYS say… now this is what I do and it works for ME. Also I love that you don't have to buy any book on what to do…every resource you need is on the internet at the cost of zero.

    I like the structure Paleo gives me. I try not to focus on what I can't have. Rather I say to myself. OK WOW look…I no longer eat wheat flour but I use coconut flour or almond flour, etc. The foods I no longer use I have been able to find an identical replacement for almost every single thing. I love my pancakes and THE ALMOND BUTTER COOKIE recipe you shared…and the appetizer stuff you shared.

    I apologize for rambling but one more thing. For me I was concerned about giving up soft drinks like coke or pepsi (actually I drank Tab which yes they still make). But what I found is I missed the carbonation. I now will buy soda water which is about 60 cents for a 33 oz bottle. I pour a glass of soda water and add a natural flavoring or in my case I add lemon juice and a paleo sweetener (liquid agave) and for real it gives me the same smile. Also I was concerned about the dairy but any grocery store sells the different nut milks. I don't care for almond milk but I found a coconut milk by Silk that is next to the dairy section. Also if people like granola etc. if I take walnuts or pecans (buy at Costco or Sams) and blend them, I can eat them like granola with my milk, adding fresh frozen berries.

    Thank you for your Paleo info. I have never talked about it before. Most of all …your chocolate chip almond butter cookie recipe continues to rock my world! Take care.

  3. this video has peaked my interest in terms of actually going through this change! thank you! im about 30-40 lbs heavier than I would like and I've seen a HUGE change in both you and Randy!

  4. I've tried alot but not this and I am going to follow this diet I have seen on your vlogs how you have grown healthier I will try this I have high hopes for it

  5. Angela Legg says:

    I've been looking into the Paleo lifestyle for a little while and I think I"m going to take the plunge and at least see how I like it for a few weeks. It's going to be extremely hard because I love my rice, sweet potatoes, pasta, and bread. Those are the things that are holding me back but I know that it's something I need to do. One question I do have though is what are the "serving sizes" for a paleo diet? I'm pretty careful with my portion control right but I'm not sure how to say okay that's enough. I'm sure the first week or so will be hard for my body to adjust and I"ll want to eat much more than I should.

  6. you are really rocking your videos great job

  7. Martina says:

    Love this video. I've done paleo basics in the past but always "fall off". It's difficult when not everyone in the family is on board. 🙁

  8. Jessica Dial says:

    Okay first of all I'm so glad you are back to doing your videos! I LOVE them! Secondly, I use to be skinny, when I went from being a stay at home mom to working I found it to be really difficult to balance my diet and exercise along with all of my other duties, then I had a miscarriage so the two things really made me pack on some weight. Anway 3 years later and I'm FINALLY getting my act together, and I decided to do paleo. I love bread so it's kind of hard but I can tell after two week that I feel AMAZING already. I forgot how dairy makes my gut feel so bloated and yuck. I am probably only doing about 90%, I have been having a little sour cream in my spicy chili so beans and a little dairy but not a lot. ANYWAY, I'm looking forward to many more videos!

  9. Julie Murphy says:

    Hi Anna,I'm new to your channel 😀I would love to try the paleo lifestyle and like you ,I absolutely love rice and don't think I could give it up,but what about breakfast ,have you any ideas or what do you eat ??..I'm from Ireland and we eat a lot of potatoes,which I'm sure isn't on the paleo diet😊 ..many thanks Julie x

  10. thanks for explaining I had no idea*!!!

  11. j&h Kerns says:

    Thank You so much for sharing! I have watch you progress on the Randy & Anna Vlog and have been hoping you would start sharing more on Paleo (and oils). Could you do a video on kick starting this lifestyle. It is kinda over whelming! I've started a couple of times but it has not stuck. I get over whelmed with trying to make a menu that does not break the bank. -Heather

  12. Janie B. says:

    Great, Informational Video. I am interested in starting Paleo. My GI Dr suggested it to me recently. How do I start? Can you recommend any Paleo books and Palo Cook books or websites to help me figure this out?

  13. Just finished my second round of the Whole30…. which I've heard is an extreme Paleo. And you do feel amazing on it! My only qualm is that it is so expensive! But it definitely makes you think more in depth about what goes into your body. And changing your relationship about food. Food is….social. But you realize when you can make positive changes and it doesn't effect your fellowship with friends and family. If anything it strengthens it! Great video. Would love to here more in depth on Paleo!

  14. We really enjoyed the paleo diet but I agree that it took some balance for it to be sustainable for our lives 🙂

  15. Lisa Graves says:

    Enjoyed the video. What do you eat on your salads when eating out? Would like you to do a video about eating out. What you choose that is paleo friendly.

  16. Anna, what store do you find most of your foods for Paleo? Like could I find most of them at Walmart or would another store have more variety? I'm from Alabama too (My husband is a pastor in Cullman) and we are really interested in looking into this more!

  17. So much of me would love to do this, but I don't think my husband is quite on board. But, maybe we can do more paleo meals that work in our budget 🙂

  18. The Ballos says:

    You look like you have lost a lot of weight. you look great!

  19. Biddy Bop says:

    Are salted cashews okay? 😉 Did you find the changes challenging in the beginning?

  20. SuzanneK says:

    I can't go paleo bc I love bread. I don't eat much bread but I can't live w/o it.

  21. Anna I have been loving your videos! You really do a great job on them. You should stop by Beef Jerky Outlet and get some paleo snacks 😉

  22. Great educational video. LOVE IT!!!
    This diet brings out the creative streak in me with my cooking and the cookbooks are so inviting and fun!

  23. Jenn Brown says:

    Thanks for another great video Anna! I really look forward to hearing more about your thoughts on the Paleo diet. You and Randy have had such amazing results. It is very encouraging to see. I think my hubby and I may give it a try 🙂

  24. KittyLife says:

    I tried going strict paleo, and only made it a week before I caved. I love how you explained how you have to work the plan into your own lifestyle, because that's SUPER helpful to people trying to make this work!

  25. Jackie Hall says:

    I love the chair you are sitting in. Thank you so much for breaking down what Paleo is all about. You look beautiful. Great colors for you. You always look pretty but today it was even more so. You seem to be glowing. I am going to try to get my son and husband to go Paleo with me or at least 85 to 90% Paleo. Lets be serious. When mama gets stressed she needs her Dr. Pepper.

  26. Wendye Roche says:

    Thanks for the info..I would like to see some of your recipes.

  27. I'm loving these new posts on your channel! Go Anna!

  28. Curious to hear more as to why two healthy foods groups are on the avoid list, whole grains and a lean protein found in beans

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