Weigh-In #22 + 1 WEEK PALEO RESULTS + WINNERS!! + IF + ACV | 70 lb Weight Loss Journey

Week #22 Weigh-In. Weight loss from the first week of Paleo. How I’m doing on it… Winners for the Groupon Giveaway. ______ I am on a mission to lose a …

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35 Responses to Weigh-In #22 + 1 WEEK PALEO RESULTS + WINNERS!! + IF + ACV | 70 lb Weight Loss Journey

  1. 80/20 seems to mean something different to everyone…what does it mean to you? 80/20 of your calories? meals? days? it's so interesting! haha

  2. That's good your feeling refreshed from the new diet! It does help to mix things up a bit hey! Nice giveaway too! 🙂

  3. Congrats on getting over the hump!

  4. Will Port says:

    Great Job. 😢🐼 that I didn't win

  5. Johny Phạm says:

    Nice video my frend .. 💕💕💕💕❤️❤️👍👍

    I have new videos … hope you visit

  6. super like no seu canal, visite https://youtu.be/pChhTUCfWQQ e se vc gostar deixe seu like seu comentário  e vc quiser ajudar  inscreva se, mas veja  o vídeo  pelo menos  40 segundos  senão  o YouTube  retira  sua  inscrição ok …retribuirei o mimo

  7. David Lucas says:

    Great work in the video just subbed U, If you have time can you go check out my channel & sub me. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT & THE MOTIVATION TO KEEP PUSHING FORWARD !!!!!!

  8. sorry I had hit the bell but u tube has gone silly and 50 % of my subscribers got de belled ( notification thinghy bell ) for some reason hit it again great that u commented and sorry for not keeping up mate . Pushing fitness great stuff can't wait 4 u to bloody smash it . hey just because I didn't enter the comp no need to be bias I should have won I'm leaving now and don't blame me if I send u the bill for the purchase of a container full of tissue boxes hahahahaha ignore me I think I'm funny

  9. Great on the weight loss. Keep it up. Your looking vibrant as usual.

  10. Heyyy! Heyy Heyyy!!! 😀 Glad you are enjoying the paleo food choices, I think 80/20 is still good! that means you can still sustain it a bit. I don't particularly love restricting diets either because I don't stick with them very well. Although they can be good, just not always good for me long term. Congrats on the weight loss this week and continued success on subscribers 😀
    I am going to need you to do the math in your head!!!!!! LOL you failed me! jk 😀
    We will be rooting for you , you know this! We will be here and some of us will be late watching videos , cough*no names. * cough me : D love talking to you on IG as well, so cool girl 🙂 congrats to all the winners, I plan on taking your goods! hahahaa

  11. Exactly,you just gotta keep pushing 😉!Great video,liked and subscribed!☺

  12. Awesome weight loss gurrrly! So on point with the eating healthy before starting paleo or even keto for that matter. You won't see as large of a loss as you do with someone who eats crap! lol.. I cannot wait to see where you take this! 🙂 Congrats to the winners!

  13. Tosh Time says:

    You went Madea mode on that word official:) Great vid as always and congrats on the wins and to the giveaway winners!

  14. It's been so fun following your journey, I love all the different nutrition and exercise things you've tried to get here! Keep it up lady!!

  15. Roland Hulme says:

    You are getting SOOOO CLOSE!!

    I'm LOVING your Instagram posts with your food on there! It all looks YUM.

  16. Keep up the great work, keep grinding. We subbed and hope we can get your support back, check out our arm day workout video.

  17. Savvy Serena says:

    Congratulations on getting over your hump! Your doing a great job!

  18. Kanya Momof3 says:

    great weight loss…. i love how you are almost there. yes yes yes your doing it. #excited. i understand getting to the body you want by any means. absolutely. it dont stop girl. you just keep going. im so proud of you

  19. Kim Price says:

    Kudos to you! Thank you for sharing your journey, you are such an inspiration!

  20. wow! amazing progress. I wish you all the success

  21. Roadto148 says:

    Ashley you rock! Love your mindset and health goals. Congrats to the winners.

  22. Girl that weight is coming off fast. I remember when you weighed as much as I do

  23. HeyNikkiNic says:

    3.1 pounds… You are doing it! Great job. Slow hump gone!

  24. Gale P says:

    Congrats on your new low. All the best. Congrats to the winners also. Have a great week.

  25. makeaday13 says:

    Incorporating grain is not a bad idea, just balancing it helps! Push that fitness but don't push to mush. Congrats Like

  26. for some reason I can't send you a private message but here is my email and thank you so much again monkeymommy09@yahoo.com

  27. hairtostay says:

    hi there, just came across your videos a while back and was just wondering how tall are you. just wanted to know if your target weight of 140 lbs is matching your height. I am 5'9" and currently 184 lbs . looking to lose 20lbs more . I have already lost 10. lbs thx . OBTW. Great videos

  28. A great week Ashley sounds like the Paleo diet did the trick I getting you through that sticking point with your diet need to do some workout vids now girl and I won't take no for a answer #mint

  29. omgosh ty so much I never ever won anything you made my day thank you 🙂 awesome job on the weight loss this week 🙂

  30. Hi!! I always look forward to seeing your videos… Tuesday's are soooo long to wait for heheh keep up the good work! Do you think soon you'll be able to create a video about what you eat in a day or your favorite cheat meal items? I personally love pizza and wings but am afraid if I eat them I won't step away from the plate 😜

  31. Congrats to your winner and well done to you. You are looking great😊

  32. 3+ pounds is a great loss !!!! I do understand what you were referencing though! I'm excited for you!!!
    congratulations to your winners!!!

  33. great update! I hear u about not being able to or having to eat around. ur doing amazing, congrats on the 3lb down and congrats to the winners !

  34. Lex Jones says:

    Yay I won! I'm so excited as I rarely win anything 😂 Congrats on dropping more lbs this week! 🎉

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