Ultimate Natural Migraine Prevention (Try This BEFORE a Prescription)

Migraine Headaches can be debilitating. If you suffer from migraines, then you should try this ultimate natural migraine prevention, before you take a prescription …

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20 Responses to Ultimate Natural Migraine Prevention (Try This BEFORE a Prescription)

  1. Angi Bryan says:

    I was having migraines every month until I started keto. I haven’t had even one in over 12 weeks.

  2. Foster Mason says:

    I`ve been a migraine sufferer for most of my life. I thought I could no longer escape this not till my buddy said to me with regards to this extraordinary migraine guide “Mοyοkοn Axy” (Google it). It really is a big help!! Headaches have been decreased to half the number of the frequent number I once have every month. I am confidently thinking that the result would enhance as time passes. .

  3. I do not find any particular reasons never to appreciate this extraordinary vestibular migraine guide “Mοyοkοn Axy” (Google it). I at first learned about it in a vestibular migraine website and also come to a decision to test it. The vestibular migraines have improved 100%. Vestibular migraine is less serious and also it is irregular now.Huge difference!Went from going through 8 to fifteen migraine days per month for several years to possibly 2-4. I experience around Eight to 15 days of migraine days in 30 days but I just have it maximum of 4 times in 1 year. .

  4. Since my early times in college, I actually have these headaches. Also have the Daith piercing to try and help reduce the severity and frequency. A mate informed me about this extraordinary migraine tutorial “Mοyοkοn Axy” (Google it). He explained, it’s well worth a go. At this point, it truly works for my situation. Since the month of October I haven’t deal with headaches. .

  5. I was wondering if there is any truth to the theory that tyramine causes migraines.

  6. KatWolf says:

    I am one who suffers from severe migraines, I have done since I was a child. I am a 50+ female, and suffer more now than I ever have done before. Last week alone, I had 5. Another one this morning,( it's Sunday, by the way) that has also effect my stomach. So I came searching for some answers.

    I have cut out so many things in my diet that I know are bad for me, but would intake them anyway. My dairy intake is now very limited, but still, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and other soft cheese, in my diet regardless. Now I see that it maybe those very things that are effecting me.

    At the age of 50 I because seriously intolerant of eggs, so they are no longer on my menu. I start a new college course in September and cannot afford to be giving myself these horrific, life halting headaches.

    I am glad I found this, even though I have been through so many video's saying one thing or another…I am glad I can across Ken D Barry MD. Thank you 🙂

    I will do my best to keep you updated. However, now is the time I cut out the milk and cheese…why now? Because I can 🙂

    Once again, thank you for this informative and down to earth video.

    P.S. I have liked, commented, subscribed and press the bell beside it. I do not want to miss the latest videos. 🙂

  7. D Winslow says:

    I had a month where I had migraines for about 20 days……

  8. But I can't take magnesium, it makes me very dizzy. What can I do in this case? Please!

  9. Dr. Berry thank you sooooo much!!! I have purchase some Suplements to start keto with Dr. Erick Berg. Thank you God bless you

  10. mik stone says:

    After starting Keto 2.5 weeks My headaches are almost gone. I still get small headaches that go away fairly quickly, but no debilitating headaches anymore.
    I had headaches for 20 years so this is worth a try.
    I hope this actually works and not just a placebo effect.

  11. amy trumbull says:

    Feverfew with riboflavin is working for me

  12. Stacy M says:

    In another video about supplements you mention Magnesium Glycinate or Citrate – I didn't hear you mention Magnesium malate in that video. Can you discuss the difference between malate and glycinate? Is there a preference between those two types?

  13. Mike King says:

    another cause of migraine is caffeine. Vascular constriction and dilation rollercoaster. To much caffeine…. no caffeine can result in a migraine.

  14. Ash Green says:

    I get vestibular migraines, they don't hurt much, just make me incapable of walking, thinking, living, etc

  15. Thankyou Dr for this video I have suffered with menstrual migraines and been prescribed triptans for years I would suffer with these 3 to 6 times a month I followed your instructions in this video and mabe get 1 a month now what makes me angry is that I have seen many Drs for this problem over the years but not one has suggested diet thanks again! Oh and i lost 23lbs to

  16. Mig says:

    I have tried anything but Q10.
    Magnesium, other electrolytes, 400mg b-2 every day, butterbur extract, celery shake etc. but it never really did the job.
    Then after increasing meat a lot and cutting down greens my migraines has now gone away 🤔

    How do you explain that Dr. Berry? 🙂

  17. nino bueno says:

    Please notice me Dr. I have a migraine that has auras. I bought (On Serious Mass with a flavor of Vanilla) this Mass enhancer has a lot of vitamins and minerals. I took this protien (Mass Enhancer) every night before I sleep. I started taking this mass enhancer last November 2018 until February 2019. Fortunately, my migraine did not occur. So, my question is, " Is it possible that my migraine is caused by vitamins deficiency?
    Because after I had finished taking the mass enhancer unfortuntely, my migraine occurs frequently.

  18. Janet W says:

    Dr Berry have you heard of Migravent? Would like your opinion. Thanks

  19. C S says:

    I didn't hear you mention sugar. How do you feel about sugar intake?

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