Trying Loren Gray's Workout & Diet For A Week!

I tried Loren Gray’s diet & workout routine for a week! Wait til the end to see if I lost weight! I love you all so much! Be sure to subscribe & join the family! GET MY …

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43 Responses to Trying Loren Gray's Workout & Diet For A Week!

  1. I LOVE like LOVE your hair

  2. Aleahh says:

    Your name reminds me of Bianca renee (another YouTuber)

  3. so she eats a mess and then workout

  4. vicky juneau says:

    When you are younger than her and weight more😢

  5. Why are her videos literally 2014 beauty gurus

  6. wtf was that dance? SKSJSKSJKSKK

  7. Ava Bessant says:

    If you're looking for a dance to follow and just to use to workout to I really recommend DANCE MARSHALL he has really cool and funky dances and it's really fun!

  8. laline 44 says:

    Omg loren body like barbie !! 😍💗💗 .

  9. Please, do more 🙂 This motivates me a lot.

  10. Is the workout focused on making the legs slim or built?

  11. Alice Misfit says:

    I just hate everything you ate even the coffee (I'm alsmost 21 and never drank a single cup of coffee) guess I will never be loren lol

  12. Safa Mati says:

    You are beautiful ❤❤

  13. Does the repeat x2 apply to the warm up?

  14. Notice how she did her hair styles

  15. I’m going to try it because I am Lauren

  16. That syrup looks liquidy not trying to hate

  17. Erin Grace says:

    She has the cutest workout clothes🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  18. Space Potato says:

    She hasn't worked out for 1yr yet she still has abs ??!?!?!??!!!????

  19. Ha Vy Nguyen says:

    you are the best!!!!!!!!

  20. My World says:

    I think I like this because I’m eating pineapple with a spork

  21. Gurl u never have had hot cheetos🤯

  22. sasha duzz says:

    8:36 on Wednesday’s we wear pink

  23. connie magee says:

    for lent i’m going vegan and I’m only drinking water 💦🍉🍍

  24. 1:00 124 lbs!!!! I’m 11 and I weigh more! Ugggghhhhhh

  25. I Sam sorry but this is bothering me she is working out and then eating junk food like I don’t understand you are just adding back the calories you just lost like if Loren does this I don’t know how she stays skinny because I do workouts everyday and eat nothing after that I do it at night and then when I wake up I eat oatmeal and tons of healthy stuff and it really works.

  26. Im actually doing this and other exercises because my swimming is on 30 April and its for my normal school and I have a swimming suit but it can see my boobs and im scared boys will see so i am working out! 🙂

  27. Wow where is your camo top from at 9:20 ? LOVE IT

  28. 124 pounds?!? I wish

  29. Omg I get the same thing from Starbucks!!!!

  30. Brianna you are so pretty and inspiring to me!!! Keep making amazing videos!! DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS #ugogirl❤️

  31. Alissa Smith says:


    *stranger things flashbacks*

  32. I know where she got the chicken balls

  33. Dud this is amazing ! Just for your healthy buy now it’s realy owesome

  34. I luv how open she is about her life


  35. Omg I got the same trainers lol 😂🤣😂

  36. What did you put you put the smoothie?

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