The 'Paleo' (Caveman) Diet

What is the Paleo diet, and is it any good? Subscribe today! The Paleo Diet is also called the Stone Age or Caveman Diet.

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7 Responses to The 'Paleo' (Caveman) Diet

  1. Ben says:

    lol at all the google researchers who were conned by a tv chef in the comments.

  2. Thomas D. says:

    Why do people have to state their opinion as fact? People, paleo is a short-term diet. Our bodies require GLUCOSE to function, our cells use it in respiration, and if our bodies are mean't to run on KETONES then I suppose a symptom of low blood glucose known as a DIABETIC COMA doesn't exsist. Yes we can run on KETONES but if we do for too long the byproducts of the reaction cause us to fall into a COMA and sometimes DIE. Stop poisoning the uniformed with fiction.

  3. bakslashr says:

    Who thinks all paleo people ate one diet?
    How were paleo people eating grains at every meal before agriculture? Besides using his own argument, these aren't the same grains we have today.
    1/3 of people begin able to eat dairy isn't an amazing absolution of dairy. It just means some of us have the option to be opportunistic, not that it is necessarily healthy.
    Who cares what the options of dietitians are if they aren't informed by well thought out human randomized control trials.

  4. The, er, geeks, are a great Australian institution… he he he, he he

  5. The ignorance of this "Dr" is just mind blowing….

  6. Guys, guys, guys – I'm speechless with horror – please do your homework – due diligence n all that !!!!  We r designed (by nature) to fuel our bodies with KETONES; we are meant to be on a ketogenic diet. Low carbohydrates – no wheat at all, very little sugar – & high fat (but no vegetable oils), lots of vegies  ….a Paleo diet is perfect for this.
    Ketones do not require insulin in order to enter the cells of our bodies, glucose does. The reason we are facing an absolute killer epidemic of type II diabetes is due to – as u kno – INSULIN RESISTANCE. The cells of any diabetic's body are saying 'Don't keep trying to serve me up glucose – GIVE ME A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF KETONES PLEASE, can't u see I do not want any more glucose; this is why I am RESISTING insulin …….'   Alzheimers is now recognised to be "Type III diabetes" as brain cells PREFER  KETONES  WAY OVER GLUCOSE. Brian cells become insulin resistant, they won't let glucose in & in the absence of any ketones – their preferred fuel – of course they die off. Presto Alzheimers, dementia . 
    The arrant stupidity of getting a diabetic's blood sugar down doesn't address the fact that every cell of our bodies located outside of our blood stream require FUEL. Cells die without enough fuel. By switching to a ketogenic diet one is able to supply every cell of one's body with precisely what each requires. Diabetics don't die of their disease but they do so due to a failure of one or another of their organs – & why do they fail ? Because they didn't get the fuel they require. By switching to a ketogenic diet (Paleo) diet one can completely bypass this lethal insulin resistance thingy …..
    Fortunately for us vegetarians, COCONUT OIL – & coconut flesh – are truly miraculous foods. One of if not the best source of ketones …….. & much else besides. 
    As you may already know, cancer cells absolutely love – thrive on – GLUCOSE. Switch to a ketogenic diet & you can starve all cancer cells TO  DEATH  as cancer cells CANNOT  UTILISE  KETONES ……  without glucose cancer cells wither & die.
    If you two Geeks ever do get to understand these simple facts, don't let on to any of your colleagues in mainstream medicine or big pharma. Eliminating wheat, sugar, vegetable oils & dairy from one's diet & including lots of vegies & coconut flesh & oil will cure everything from pimples to cancer …… what would the Cancer foundation, all of our doctors not to omit big pharma do if we all woke up tomorow morning all healthy, happy & well ……… chowing down on a Paleo diet….

  7. Alex says:

    Aren't we able to reduce nutrition to it's basic components already? I guess other than the issue people have with eating only paste and the social, aesthetic and filling need for current foodstuff there's not much stopping us from re-engineering food completely adjusted to our needs.

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