Robb Wolf & Arthur De Vany- The Paleo Diet (Nightline)

Nightline on the Paleo diet.

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12 Responses to Robb Wolf & Arthur De Vany- The Paleo Diet (Nightline)

  1. Vlad Koshel says:

    if you want to know more about diet, just go to WooPep page, there is all you need 🙂


  3. Issaquan5 says:

    @jfellrath Yes. Everything from evolutionary biology to endocrinology, to biochemistry etc. Reason why I included anthropology is because anthropologists no darn well what perhaps the single most significant event in our species' history and that's the agricultural revolution in terms of diet and social changes and just looking and simple before and after facts isn't hard to do. I'm surprised it took THIS long. and yet people still haven't stepped out and seen the "light" lol.

  4. @Issaquan5 I think part of that is the separation of academics into these siloed existences to begin with. I mean, how could a social science like anthropology have ANYTHING to do with a hard science like nutrition or biochemistry? That makes no sense! 😉

    I'm more in favor of a more open study – where facets from multiple disciplines are taken into account. That's a reason I love Paleo – lots of people with various types of knowledge getting together and learning from each other.

  5. Issaquan5 says:

    @jfellrath Exactly. When i first heard that whole grains were bad for you i freaked out and thought no way but i got over that quickly. The Paleo diet needs to be incorporated into more universities. I dont see how the anthropologists aren't making any sort of connection with the nutritionists/dietiticians

  6. @Issaquan5 I suppose we can't be too harsh with them in that particular light – I mean, would YOU want to be told that the advice you'd been giving for years and which you felt so good about was a wrong as you can be?

  7. Issaquan5 says:

    @jfellrath Yes! haha i feel bad for them almost. They're entire life they've dedicated toward health which i commend them on yet they're unwittingly wrong as they can be

  8. @Issaquan5 Having SAD nutrionists giving their blessing on this is the ultimate injustice and slam, really. I'd love to have a segment where Robb Wolf talks them out of their skins.

  9. Issaquan5 says:

    @jfellrath gosh i know, they just put a damper on everything lol

  10. Issaquan5 says:

    God I hate how the nutritionists are still like watch the fat though!!! Robb knows more than all of them do. The right fat, even the right saturated fat is good for us!!! I aim for 35% of my calories to come from fat anyways and my blood work, and body composition is great and i most certainly was not blessed with the greatest genes from my parents

  11. They skipped a lot of the key tenets in this. No mention of the dangers of grains and inflammation, how high carb causes most of the diseases of civilization… and the worst part is having the two "nutritionists" giving their opinions. It's people like them who pass along the wrong message anyway.

  12. Norcal Mike says:

    Too bad the focus was so heavily on meat. Don't know how it breaks down in calories, but my version of the Paleo Diet tends to be about a quart of veggies per palm-sized portion of meat. Ironically, I probably eat more vegetables than most vegetarians.

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