Paleolithic | Educational Video for Kids

Hello friends and welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to learn about the first stage of our prehistory, today let’s look at Paleolithic.

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20 Responses to Paleolithic | Educational Video for Kids

  1. Hello happy friends, we love your views but we also love your reviews.
    Happy Learning believes that it is extremely important to investigate the past so as to understand the present and improve the future.
    What would you like to see in our next history video?

  2. Bruh says:

    I found this video ok, some errors but easy to understand maybe work on the facts.

  3. James Jimenz says:

    Esto es blanco amarillado con un toque de azul

  4. The timeline was wrong but this was very helpful! I had a hw assignment on these eras and this helped a lot.

  5. If you want to be factual, you need to use Before Common Era (BCE) and Common Era (CE) and put in the other ages you left out like Mesolithic.

  6. Samina Khan says:

    can you do neolithic?

  7. "please" MAKE MORE!!! hehe…

  8. Zachary Rose says:

    Excellent video for my young ELL history students.

  9. they were nomadic so they didn't have time to plant

  10. Very good for kids who find history hard

  11. endernitro says:


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