Paleo Diet Leaders Art DeVany and Robb Wolf On Nightline 3-1-11

The Paleo diet was prominently featured on the ABC News program “Nightline” on Tuesday, March 1, 2011. THE PALEO SOLUTION by Robb Wolf and THE …

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28 Responses to Paleo Diet Leaders Art DeVany and Robb Wolf On Nightline 3-1-11

  1. Patrick B says:

    Was that John Durant eating therre too?

  2. bileofman666 says:

    Fire has been around for a VERY long time… dumbass?

  3. bileofman666 says:

    Why the fuck should people care about the starving people in Africa? Does anyone of you altruists ever ask WHY the people in Africa are starving and hungry? AND WHY THE FUCK is it my duty to take care of them? Read an AYN RAND book goddamnit! And I can say this, cause I am the starving in South Africa… The less people and especially the government tries to help the better of we are.

  4. MR.X says:

    Fire wasn't invented, it was discovered. You can't invent something that's a part of nature

  5. hello world says:

    Cavemen ate mostly raw meat, fat and offal for 2 million years before the invention of cooking, so the real paleo diet is a RAW PALEO diet 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting this, interesting…

  7. Justin White says:

    I can start if you like ! 😉
    eat 811 for the win !

  8. Issaquan5 says:

    @livinlowcarbman I just laughed when they referred to the "nutritionists"

  9. Danny Jingu says:

    @auggiedoggy You hit the nail right on the head my friend. Unless you're Ted Nugent, even the most careful of us seeking organic and grass fed are still going to come up against the toxins soaked into our meats of the modern world.

    Plus, the fat of wild game is actually healthy fat (to an extent) for energy. Paleo man pooed logs that required little wiping, I know I do since going on the diet.

  10. Danny Jingu says:

    That looked like two rubber coated 45lb, plates per side of an olympic bar, so 225lbs.

  11. Neale Scott says:

    how much weight was robb lifting at 3:45 ?

  12. rmcdaniel423 says:

    Cool idea . . . to see the gym also incorporate eating and socializing together. It makes me think that the best strategy for long term diet and exercise success is to build small 'tribes' of friends and/or relatives that are committed together, sharing and motivating the process in multiple ways.

  13. Nowhereman10 says:

    Wow, it's amazing to see a commentary section not fileld with the nutrient-starved rantings of a radical hate-filled Vegannazi's propaganda.

  14. Keegan Smith says:

    The diet is spot on. The style of interview is rubbish. Try it and be transformed!!

  15. Gypsy says:

    So easy a caveman could do it?

  16. Atkins and Paleo FTW. Atkins took a more aggressive approach to cure people with insulin resistance. Paleo is more mild overall.

  17. In the main, some great stuff here. I love Art pulling the Range Rover!

  18. This video is too awesome!

  19. Mystery207 says:

    Wow why are the propagandist talking about healthy living

  20. I miss your videos Jimmy!

  21. i lost 30kg in 7 mounths…just on paleo diet

  22. brian0918 says:

    @Mercury1378 The chance that these nutritionists know a thing about omega-6 is very remote. They are referring to fat due to the *saturated fat* content, because of the lipid hypothesis. Also, if you're eating grain-fed meat, you simply need to supplement omega-3 to correct the ratio.

  23. brian0918 says:

    Of everyone in this interview, the nutritionists are the ones who look the least fit and healthy. They're also the only ones clinging to the debunked lipid hypothesis.

  24. Agreed!!! Nutritionists are so wrapped up in the matrix of their own propaganda that even when insurmountable evidence hits them in the face they can't seem to acknowledge it!

  25. Thanks for posting this Jimmy. I watched it last night, and I left a message on your menu blog about it coming on yesterday. I was surprised by how agreeable a mainstream media outlet like ABC was to Paleo. I thought they were going to be super critical of it. But instead they interviewed nutritionists who agreed with the lifestyle, for the most part. Again, this is more evidence that the zeitgeist is changing.

  26. the kid in the hat being interviewed at the end at the gym is a good friend of mine 🙂

  27. sgorick says:

    You can't eat like a cave man sitting on the couch? Nutritionists always have to find something I guess.

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