Paleo Diet and Carbs

We are back from the Beachbody Success Club Cruise and the Body Fat Challenge is on! Here are some of my thoughts on that, plus what carb intake really …

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10 Responses to Paleo Diet and Carbs

  1. Dave Ward says:

    @Tcorrado1 It would depend on what I'm doing. I will occasionally use it after really hard workouts at high intensity. That means something different to everyone. For me it means something well over 2 hours in length.

  2. Dave Ward says:

    @amsk83r You have to eat. Think about it this way. If you burn 600 calories working out and take in 1,200 that leaves you with 600 to run your body. Your organs…your brain…need calories to operate. It's like asking a light to turn on without power. The P90X plan adds 600 calories do your daily amount to avoid running a deficit. I think it's ok to take that out, but way underfueling your body is a bad idea.

  3. Dave Ward says:

    @amsk83r Meaning you get full? Very common. The paleo plan doesn't have a lot of empty calories to it, so it tends to fill people up more than a grain based diet would. Also, fats are really filling and that's one of the backbones of the plan.

  4. Dave Ward says:

    @amsk83r Caloric intake depends on age/height/weight/sex, amount of activity and goals. The ratio of carbs/fat/protein is really more of what I'm talking about here. There's no cookie cutter answer to that one.

  5. Dave Ward says:

    @embernevill Fo Sho. Always like to share things that work for me. Timing the carbs has been super effective for me.

  6. Ember Nevill says:

    Great video Dave!!! Thanks for all the tips!

  7. Dave Ward says:

    @freshorangina Check out Mark Sisson's book The Primal Blueprint. That's really where I first was exposed to this nutrition plan (not a diet, a lifestyle). It's pretty basic. You eat about 1g of protein per pound of muscle. Limit your carbs to 150g or less per day (unless you need more to support some form of exercise, and then you time the intake) and fill in the rest with yummy fats. The body learns to burn fat rather than thrive off of sugar.

  8. Would love to hear more about the Paleo/Primal program… I am already gluten free and lactose free, might have more to add to that after tomorrow. At the same time my BMR along with my altered digestive tract means I have to eat about 3,500 cals a day to not loose weight.

  9. itstoeknee says:

    does it matter if the workout was cardio or resistance training that you need the post workout carbs? for resistance training i usually have a proto whey protein shake, should i add fruit or sweet potato in too?

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