Paleo AIP/Keto GROCERY HAUL on a budget?!? (For Autoimmune Health & Weight Loss)

I decided to share my Walmart grocery haul with you today! This is how I shop to not only save money, but also to stay in autoimmune remission. This haul is …

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38 Responses to Paleo AIP/Keto GROCERY HAUL on a budget?!? (For Autoimmune Health & Weight Loss)

  1. Adamimmune says:

    For anyone curious, I bought several bags each of the vegetables I featured in this video, I believe I got at least 3-4 of each. Enough for a week's worth. All for $30, and yes the carbonated water was included in this price!

  2. Taylor Culp says:

    "$5.46 a pound… I know that's very very expensive." Lol that is the sale price for standard ground beef where I live! Grassfed ground beef in my area is $8-$10 a pound. And that is the cheapest grassfed or pastured meat I can find. Ugh. But the way I feel eating this way makes it worth it.

  3. I am on AIP and am also trying to eat as close to 100% organic as possible…makes veggies a lot more expensive.

  4. GWEN WILSON says:

    Um your sexy 😍 . Can you give me tips on what treats or snacks are keto etc ….

  5. GWEN WILSON says:

    Is tequila aip lol ? I know it's keto.

  6. Mary Roach says:

    Adam, you’re rescuing me. I’ve been on this since 8/9/19 and am doing better but struggling. I just found your channel last week and already I feel so much less stress. I love all the foods in this video and love our local walmart. Thank you sooooooo much. You’re cute as can be, and you’re added to the heroes list for this 58yo grandma with four autoimmune diseases.

  7. Thank you for your video about HS

  8. Laura Goldy says:

    Thank you for this video!

  9. Thank you for your videos!

  10. Coma8463 says:

    I get my purple sweet potatoes here in Japan 😛

  11. I love rosemary, but I would like to have a choice. I'm with you.

  12. RachaelA1978 says:

    Adam- I love backstrap, I have hunters in my family! Also, if you can have them save you the heart, it's the most delicious part. It puts filet mignon to shame!

  13. Purple sweet potatoes are sold at Wholefoods

  14. Try Heb grocery store for all organic, grass fed, natural non gmo , paleo ect products and produce they really are affordable lk compared to Walmart but products are better. Buy in bunch not in bags unless that’s all the have because you can get organic for lk $1 and up on vegetable bunches. Oh Jenny O brand is always on recall from something or another (I have butchers in the family they keep me informed). Is it just me or does anyone else want to softy pinch his little cheeks lk a baby 🤷🏻‍♀️😀. I drink topo chico mineral water everyday

  15. Walmarts organics are suspect 🌿💕🌿

  16. I don’t think that gmo pesticide riddled vegetables cooked with radiation in a toxic bag is the best choice-for someone trying to overcome autoimmune disorders. 🌿💕🌿

  17. The broccoli is invisible! 🌿💕🌿

  18. Amy Delgado says:

    Are your lipids high as hell? That's cheap for organic meat doll, I pay 8.99 lb. But I only do AIP, not k eto.

  19. I love your videos and congrats for losing 130lbs!!

  20. MCT oil is great on Keto. I take mine in my coffee every morning. Not sure how to incorporate into an AIP Keto though. Open to suggestions!

  21. The Broccoli is invisible! hahaha thanks for the Vid man.

  22. Mary Irene says:

    You are so frkn adorable I just want to bite your cheeks!!! Just the way you communicate and emot. Oh yea and this information was very helpful for me- who knew walmart!!?? I’ll be checking out your other vids! Thanks and keep it up!

  23. Fonda Webb says:

    if you have a ALDI's near you should give them a try……much more affordable for the organic meat Chicken , fish and BEEF!

  24. Desi Ku says:

    olives are good source for fats 🙂

  25. Zi Fi says:

    On days when you need calories just eat a spoonful of coconut oil… it is great for you and gets the job done.

  26. calderonjd30 says:

    I thought no cursifurios on AIP??

  27. I really appreciate this video, we are just starting out 😥

  28. Light Life says:

    Sounds more like paleo

  29. Your page has helped me so much!! Thank you!!

  30. Lol only when you held up the broccoli I realized you were using green screen

  31. Joe Ran says:

    How much sugar do you intake a day?

  32. Peace Out says:

    Sweet potatoes have really caught on here in Germany but they're crazy expensive. I grew some of our own last summer, a great alternative. One was super purple, the other was purple.

  33. LadyGeek says:

    I get the purple sweet potatoes at Sprouts and I've seen them every once in a while at Whole Foods. They are our absolute fave over here. Glad I found your channel!

  34. amymarie says:

    Thank you for doing a Walmart haul!! Its the main store within a 30 minute radiusof me, I see they are adding a ton more AIP foods though!!

  35. also if you want a nice tasting healthy drink try some kombucha. Lots of live bacteria to improve gut health and very low sugar!

  36. that grass fed ground beef is 11.00 in Canada. Same packaging and same brand i believe. Its honestly painful to buy it

  37. Pat Uhlman says:

    I don't know if you have an Aldi store nearby but you can get 3# grass fed beef for$17. Also the ground turkey doesn't have rosemary and costs $1.89#. Also you should try fermented drinks. Kefir water or kombucha. These drinks will help keep you in remission.

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