My favourite breakfast on a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

Pancreas- aka ‘sweetbreads’- my favourite breakfast on my Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet. I don’t need to add any fat as it has perfect ketogenic macro ratios and a …

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14 Responses to My favourite breakfast on a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

  1. SimpLee Beth says:

    I need to see if I can find a butcher who carries sweetbreads. I'm just starting PKD, and it hasn't been easy finding many viable options. This pandemic is def not helping my plight 😕

  2. Jimi Zair says:

    Hi Andrew, I been following your chanel for a while. I love the way how you inspire people. Would you make a video or tell me how do you achieve 3 points on ketone meter. What you normally eat all day. I do stick on keto and hardly achieve more than 2.0 I'll really appreciate this. Thank you

  3. would carnivore or paleolithic ketogenic diet causing vitamins deficiency and risk in colon cancer

  4. Sam Knot says:

    What do you think of all these vegans and others saying meats bad for you ? I will say I've been on ketogenic diet 5 years and my total cholesterol has gone up to 199 my good cholesterol is very high which I heard is a bad thing . I don't know what to do anymore . So much different information . I just want to eat and be healthy whatever that may be 😔 I'm concern because my fibroid in my uterus have grown larger and they saw a mass that they think is a polyp it may or may not be cancerous and they want to d&c but Im Worried if it is cancerous they may spread the cancer to the rest of my body outside of my uterus which is possible and has happen to women 😔 I want to try and heal myself . Threw trying to research it say meat can feed fibroids and any estrogen type foods can . I'm off dairy eggs and just doing grass fed and finish bison along with broccoli avacodo kale and switch between boy chop cabbage and asparagus Pecans and macadamia nuts . And lots of water and some Apple cider vinegar daily . Nothening really outside of that sometimes a tablespoon of unsweetened shredded coconut . Although I was eating some dairy and eggs I'm no longer doing that now . I don't know if that contributed to there growth and new polyp/ mass . I don't know were to go Vegan 😔 so much confusing information out there

  5. Dean Riley says:

    I love sweatbreads which taste like chicken thighs to me, too. I cut them in chunks and fry them in bacon dripping.

  6. eva eyez says:

    Hi, ive been on keto diet last 5.5 months but um getting constipated with all the fiber and miss the big portions of meat. how does macros look like on paleolithic keto diet? I'm 161 tall and 49.7 kg with healthy bmi but as I lost 22.7 kg on keto I've got some lose skin I want to shed. so my calorie intake to lose ideally would be 900 kcal but I propably eat more than that but not more than 1100 as I'm not putting on weight. I was thinking on paleolithic keto diet I should have 700 kcal in meat and protein and 200 kcal in veg to lose that last 1.5 kg? what do u think? ure the only one I found tgat does vids on paleo keto….Many thanks

  7. Hi Andrew, greetings from Miami. Ty for this vid. 1st time ever considering pancreas.

  8. Shuxrat says:

    Hi Andrew, I was wondering why did you switch to Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet from Restricted Ketogenic Diet. Did you find it more helpful? Thanks.

  9. Richard V says:

    interesting point made about possible interaction of red meat and tumours at around 46 mins

  10. Dean Riley says:

    Love sweetbreads sautéed in butter.

  11. Alen GO says:

    Is eating a carnivore diet better for deuterium depletion than a standard keto diet also containing green plants and plant oils like olive, avocado oil etc. ?

  12. Erdem Dilman says:

    Is there any facebook group to learn more about Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet?

  13. The volume on this was so low, I could hardly hear. 🙁
    I finally got that they're sweetbreads. Of what, any particular animal? Any salt on them? They look awful, but I'd certainly be open to trying them – but I've never seen them for sale any where.

  14. Hey Andrew, are you aware sweetbreads have the highest purine content of all organ meats, 3-6x as much as liver, and more than 10x muscle meat? I eat a lot, and ran into issues w high uric acid I think tipped from sweetbreads. Do you use potassium supps? Im going to try potassium bicarb in water to help reduce urate and acidity from PKD.

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