My Cookbook Library (Paleo AND Vegan books)

I’ve posted before about my Top 5 Favorite Paleo Cookbooks and my Fave Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) cookbooks, and when I did that, I had several people ask if I …

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7 Responses to My Cookbook Library (Paleo AND Vegan books)

  1. Outback Wack says:

    VERY helpful and great insight! Thanks!

  2. rahjayne says:

    Your videos are wonderful & very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Me too. I love a cookbook. Therapeutic.

  4. I want to see everything!

  5. Cassie B says:

    I love cookbooks. I only keep 10 or so around that are my very favorite. My current favorites are Sophie Van Tiggelen's books, thanks to your recommendations. Since my diagnosis years ago my mainstays are a lot of vegetables, rice and fish so I have ended up with a lot of vegetarian cookbooks. I am finding most vegan and vegetarian recipes can easily be changed to AIP by leaving out the nightshades, grains and adding in a little meat. I am a queen of adapting recipes and usually end up adapting my own thing after reading cookbooks for inspiration. I have several old cookbooks (from the 50's) I have found in antique stores. They are from southern cooks from Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Surprisingly they are very paleo with lots of meats, joints, offal and fats that most paleo people look for. Funny, I am not a big meat eater (I prefer fish) so my "rut" is with meat not vegetables. Meat is meat, but vegetables are so abundant and each has such a different flavor.

  6. RealWorldAIP says:

    You're making me feel better about my crazy big cookbook collection, lol. I'd love to see the ones that didn't make the cut!

  7. Rebecca G says:

    Right now I can’t live without the healing kitchen! I’m so glad you recommended it! I’m in week 3 of aip.
    I added a bunch of these to my amazon wish list.

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