KETO Weight Loss Science Explained (Calories V Endocrine High Protein Vs High Fat) keto cico

How does Keto for Weight Loss Works? Calories v Hormones : CICO v Insulin : High Protein v High Fat ? All the science behind Keto Weight Loss options and …

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30 Responses to KETO Weight Loss Science Explained (Calories V Endocrine High Protein Vs High Fat) keto cico

  1. Staraptor says:

    Hi Ginger, I enjoyed this video and the skilful way you explain complex science in simple, jargon free terms. I’m very grateful to you, and the keto communities on Facebook, who have helped me to achieve beyond what I imagined possible in weight loss and health. I didn’t become insulin resistant until aged about 40, thanks to eating junk all my life, and being unhealthy, but not very overweight until recently.

    Now, I’m struggling to stop losing weight at under 11 stone, light for a man of average height, so eating a ridiculous 160g+ protein, 40g carbs and 180g fat per day, and still losing slowly. I’m not super active either, so don’t really understand it, apart from keto halting the insulin resistance.

    I don’t advocate high protein keto for everyone, or dislike lower protein keto, each to their own. I do dislike ridiculously sugary products ruining people’s health, probably as much as smoking nowadays, like 101g of sugar in a single chocolate milkshake from Burger King just opening in Hereford. Such junk should have a warning label.

  2. You talk so fast, I need to keep stopping the video to understand and digest what you talking about 😂

  3. @ginger, so if you do CICO, the macronutrient percentage does not matter? Let's say you're 60 to 70% carbs like most asians, does it not matter?

  4. Simone Bo says:

    GIVEAWAY I love this video! It’s one of my favorite videos to share on the keto Facebook groups I’m in! I have the link (among links to other of your videos) on a list in my phone! It’s great information and very valuable! Thank you so much for this video!! ♥️

  5. Mary Smythe says:

    Hi Ginger, just catching up on your videos! I’ve been skipping breakfast and doing OMAD but have stalled over the last 8 months. What do you eat for breakfast that is protein and carbs but low fat? If you have made a video about this then apologies but I haven’t come across it yet. Thank you for your videos and the research you put into them x

  6. Matt Fort says:

    Hi Ginger this one is my favourite as itreally cleared up the cause of weight loss on keto for me. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you go into researching these complex areas of science.
    Videos like this one are much easier to grasp than the source texts. Thanks and keep up the great work. I was tempted with the munchkin video, which is hilarious, but it's the science every time. I'm a geek I can't help myself 😁

  7. Keto kimVSG says:

    Giveaway. Amazing video that has helped me to become Keto after being on the fence for 12 months 💪🏻💕

  8. GIVEAWAY this was the video that convinced me to try the Keto lifestyle! And after losing 1 stone I have never been happier! You allowed me to be able to lose the weight and feel better in my body and with all your food bought in the UK I can't go wrong! if I need to know what to buy, I come to you 💗

  9. David Hahn says:

    you did a good job explaining the topic thank you. I was wondering if you had a thought about eating a One Meal A Day diet. Would consuming a full days supply of calories at one meal threaten in anyway staying in Ketosis?

  10. Lucy D says:

    One of my friends is using keto as a way to gain weight, she just eats over her calories macro. So I'm not sure why people think calories don't matter on keto

  11. Vicki Matoga says:

    What a brave and hugely informative video – thank you for not doing "what I eat in a day" and really talking about the science behind keto and applying your real life story! your best keto blog yet extremely helpful. Vicki

  12. Keto Goth says:

    Those who don't believe that insulin plays a very significant role in weight-gain might do well to look at the obsolete psychiatric treatment of insulin shock therapy. Essentially, it involved giving high doses of insulin to the severely mentally ill to induce coma and seizures in an attempt to "reset" the brain. Anyway, to skip to the end, most of the patients who went through it became "grossly obese" during the course of their treatment.

  13. Amazing video keep them up🤞👍

  14. Thank you so much for this, Ginger. It's an invaluable video with lots of information condensed down into understandable points. I remember hearing something before about fat and sugar together being a bad combo, too. I'm going to have to rewatch this a few times to take all the information in! 😀

  15. Anna Connell says:

    Thank you for all your hard work !

  16. As I try my best to avoid Drama Flame and Trolling in the comments section I had to moderate the situation a bit. Given the statements / insults that I received though let me remind you what I am doing here is explain in layman terms all the actual hard factual data and studies that you find linked in the video description so remember to open that and never take my videos at face value, they are just a simpler way to say scienc-y things. The foundation that the High Protein Keto Crew seems to be forgetting while they are inundating me with insults is that indeed, out of 21 amino acids, 14 will always turn to glucose. Happy to link you here the simplest of sources: Wikipedia and an easy yet compelling explanation of Amino Acids Metabolism

  17. While I was watching this again I had a question about your fat experiment when you have fat only consumption does the body absorb all the dietary fat or does it pass through the digestive system and pass as “waste”, because you also lose weight of your body fat

  18. Great information based in facts as usual, thank you. Menopausal and gaining despite strict KETO and IF. Hormones are the bane of my life and I'm really hoping your information will help me get some understanding of how I can regain control and perhaps lose some weight instead of gaining. Best regards x

  19. Lou J says:

    Can’t wait for the protocol as I’m relating to everything you’re saying. I feel great with OMAD but not losing any weight at all and my glucose is still fluctuating. I’m convinced stress plays a huge roll in my journey too. I definitely need to lower my protein. Keep up the fantastic work my friend!!!

  20. BLessOMe says:

    I love the way you've explained it, thank you!! Can't wait for video 2!! I'm also one who needs to do Keto from the hormonal approach. Since I switched from higher protein to lower protein, my AM glucose numbers are finally back in the normal range!

  21. i really have to try a pure fat day for myself. 5 hass avocados plus a lot of salted butter should do the trick 🙂
    we are getting closer and closer for "the art of weightloss" by understanding insulin, glucagon, leptin, ghrelin, the effect of cortisol on gluconeogenesis etc. -)
    thanks for the video btw!!!!!

  22. i am also very focused on lowering insulin and doing IF 18/6 or 20/4. So i only eat at the evening and this is a very ketogenic meal. and now that i do a true IF 18/6 and do not sabotage it with two cappuccinos throughout the day i lose about 200-300g of body fat per day. of course i am in a caloric deficit but my hunger is low when really only drinking black coffee before the first meal to that nothing sabotages my low insulin.
    but the thing with the metabolism is something that interests me. because a slow metabolism maybe is one factor or being over weight in the first place.
    so instead of fasting for 18 hours, maybe i should try to eat 2 avocados with salted butter at the middle of the day. that is the food with the least insulin spike compared to their calories i guess. maybe that could ramp up my metabolism and this would be the first meal of the day where no other insulin is coming in and hopefully at the evening when i have my first regular keto meal including some protein most of the fat that i ate with the avocados have been burned off so that it does not get pushed into the fat cells with the insulin spike.
    or maybe doing one fat day a week with eating 5 avocados and salted butter and nothing else to ramp up my calories?
    maybe we should use a more accurate formula that calculates some kind of insulin production from carbs and protein like Carbs[g] + 0,6*Protein[g] should be less than 80? so for every gram of carb less you can add 1/0,6 g of protein? Or maybe use the factor 0,7 as an insulin response for protein?
    for me now good keto with really low carbs and moderate protein in the combination with IF 18/6 works now, that did not work for many months. but i also have to say that i take 10.000-20.000 IU of vitamin d3 (+100-200µg K2) per day now and in the last few days also iodine (about 6 drops of lugols solution every day). these are also factors that maybe turn up the metabolism a little bit or downregulate the hunger (vit d3?).
    i am happy now, that weight loss works again after gaining 5kg after losing 25kg. and i hope my metabolism does not get fucked up long term.

  23. Reen Ann says:

    Another excellent video chick x

  24. mj dela says:

    woah… what is up with all the thumbs downs?!?!

  25. Bklondon 75 says:

    Very interesting and food for thought.

  26. Angela H says:

    Thanks Ginger, that was fascinating x

  27. Mandy Lovett says:

    Extremely interesting thankyou, would love to know what a typical day of eating would be like for you 👍

  28. Well done 👍. It’s the first time for me to be on your channel – I like your bubbly personality and great info !

  29. Do you also practise fasting, whether intermittent or prolonged? That will also raise your metabolism and kick start weight loss.
    It might not work for everybody but personally I use prolonged fasting on a regular basis, and in between I overload the Fat/Protein. I never count the calories and mix it up with OMAD/TMAD.
    That seems to keep my body guessing and also raises my BMR.
    I also find that the prolonged fasts enable better control when I am eating again, plus the benefits of low insulin/ blood glucose & especially lower BP!
    It is definitely very interesting to hear about the different journeys we are all travelling. Good luck to everybody, I am sure we will all find our way eventually!👍👍👊

  30. Pat Clark says:

    I just love to have you explain . I can picture what you are saying. Thank You!

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