Joshua Weissman awsome TikToks pt.2

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32 Responses to Joshua Weissman awsome TikToks pt.2

  1. Adamhamm says:

    booter's booblin

  2. lolnasx says:

    Guys you probably won't believe this but i think he's Joshua weissman

  3. dannyboy1765 says:

    This guy is teaching me more about cooling than Gordon Ramsey ever could

  4. dannyboy1765 says:

    A half teaspoon of whiskey business

  5. brooksFeng says:

    I like how you did the biscuit one twice

  6. How is this man not 500 pounds

  7. Tom Nook says:

    If I got 5 billion dollars for every time he says whiskey business I'd be rich

  8. kadvaru says:

    this guy is pretty cool can someone tell me his tik tok?

  9. xxushouldnot says:

    I feel like my brain is too slow for tgis

  10. Gimme a 1$ for every time he says whiskey buinsness

  11. Gavin Li says:

    I did not know what I was missing here.

  12. Tameem says:

    U repeated the biscuit video

  13. Antsaboi says:

    I don't know why, but to me at least he seems really annoying and "fake".


  15. Elijah Cook says:

    whiskey business! cwispy!

  16. RARZAY says:

    Thank you for 2k views!

  17. Good vids ur underrated I was your 38th subscriber hello☺️

  18. 1. Love this guy! 2. That opening intro brought back so many good memories <3

  19. My dude is the restaurant lol

  20. Recon Boys says:

    Addison Rae throw back

  21. RARZAY says:

    Who else should i make a Compilation of?

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