Humans Are Starchivores (Starch Eaters)

Starch. It might not sound fancy but its role in human history has been undeniably powerful and largely ignored as the popular carb-fearing notions dominate the …

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46 Responses to Humans Are Starchivores (Starch Eaters)

  1. I been eating this way since I was born, but I am fat 🙁

  2. You can eat starch and keep your insulin low if you do intermittent fasting or one meal a day. Resistant starch is needed to feed good gut bacteria in the colon. Keto & paleo people must have no good bacteria in their large intestine.

  3. No we’re not we are Hypercarnivores .

  4. Brent Smith says:

    Wow, been watching a while mic and this video was incredible! I liked and am commenting for the first time because this was just so great! Keep up the awesome work! Your dedication does not go unnoticed 🙂

  5. Danny P says:

    Not adding any size of any study to date
    That is really interesting but is this also relative to people who maintain a ripped physique ? For example a model… would they maintain their physique by eating sweet potatoes as opposed to say a raw vegan diet ?

  6. Beautiful photo at 3:09 of Higaonna Kanryo Sensei and Chojun Miyagi Sensei, founder of Goju-Ryu Karate.

  7. I love John McDougall and the starch solution and it is all down to how we are designed. Macro evolution is a myth. This guy's mind is just polluted with evolutionary thinking.

  8. Jungle Ninja says:

    Starch is an unatrual binder it's not in squash and kale and many more you should research and ……..Humans are definitely frugivours if you take real science or basic common sense into account

  9. Dom Ferris says:

    This has so much misinformation. First off, any kinds of cooked foods helped us grow our big brains. Whether it was meat or roasted roasted potatoes. Also, all that study proves is potatoes will make you fat if you overreat them. If you eat a keto diet and don’t overreat, you still won’t get fat.

  10. Yes they may have eaten starches to “supplement “ their diet. But they were pushed aside, always for preferred animal proteins. Fact. In all indigenous people throughout the world.

  11. Ivan Bryan says:

    mic the government tool playing all the fools trimming the gene pool cause he think its cool

  12. T J says:

    I think Mother Nature made a mistake evolving us to be this self aware. Most animals run on instinct and just know what to eat, while we can’t figure it out to save our unhealthy lives.

  13. TheRoshan89 says:

    Hey man, leave guys who marry Amy 1 alone, sometimes she's all we can get.

  14. Ahmad Faris says:

    Hello it true that if we ate a heavy carb meal such as rice, it will increase blood sugar and will make us feel lethargic due to insulin spike?

  15. You guys won't believe how much carbs I ingest on the daily.. and I feel && look great too !

  16. THis stuff makes me way more excited than I feel may be appropriate. Just wanna shout it out at everyone: STARCH! FIBER! That's it! That's the secret. The food don't have natural fiber? Then it's FUCKED!

  17. Let the peasants eat cheeseburgers

  18. M. D says:

    Really? Try to eat raw potatoes for a week and tell us if you’re still alive in 7 days 😉 don’t believe this clown, people. He is such a tool. Look up Dr. Sebi..

  19. I could never be a Barley man owing to my severe Barley (specific) allergy

  20. Alan Hamel says:

    Thank you, Mic. Very well done.

  21. Joel J says:

    This will really help with my food budget. Starch is cheap, but avoid the GMO stuff.

  22. what do you think about raw fruitarian diet?

  23. Rachel Rosen says:

    Silverfish are starchivores. Thats why your panties have holes in the crotch ladies. Yes, there is starch in vag discharge.

  24. FlintSparked says:

    Gotta say, embracing a more plant based diet with starches as my main caloric fuel, I was pleasantly surprised at the extra burst of energy I get on each rep during push ups and pull ups. Always had it in my head that I needed meat for that haha

  25. I am on a whole plant based diet right now and eating a decent amount of carbs for delicious meals yet I have lost 4 kg I’m a month with less than the recommended exercises even though my metabolism is low for my age

  26. Paul P says:

    Look at this guys eyes. Looks like snake eyes! Sorry I creeps me out.

  27. kbkesq says:

    Macdougall deserves all sorts of credit for trying to quell starchophobia. He debated Atkins at least twice. Atkins won the diet book battle but lost the heart attack war. Macdougall has outlived Atkins by 20yrs and counting.

  28. Andrew MFree says:

    You link humans and starch's together and made the claim "potentially this is how our metabolism is made" However I don't think our bodies are smart enough to know about cooking food it's far more likely we are frugivores.

    I'm not saying you CAN'T eat starch's and the McDougall diet is clearly far superior to the typical western diet, Please look into enzymes and how cooking destroys them.

    Ask yourself this question. Without cooking, what in nature would i like to eat? Do you want to eat raw flesh, tendons, liver, green vegetation, tubers, insects?

    When I ask myself that question the ONLY THING I would want to eat is fruit period.

    No other animal processes it's food and they don't have disease and suffering like we do.

    Cooking your food has turned you into a drug addict, if you want to regain your power be truthful to yourself.

  29. Since I've stopped eating carbs and starchy food a terrible fungal infection on my skin has dissapeared, I'm much less bloated lost 6" around my waist and have lost 40ibs

  30. Bo says:

    Do you supplement your vegan diet with any vitamins/pills?

  31. Omg potatoes are awesome thank you For telling me that my favorite food is healthy

  32. Benson Bear says:

    Why do you say "starches are delicious"? Is that universally held to be true for humans? I guess I am an outlier since for potatoes or sweet potatoes (being the main example in the video) personally I dont like potatoes at all unless I put a lot of butter or margarine on them or (especially!) deep fry them in oil.

  33. Theodore B. says:

    Good luck convincing a keto head this.

  34. Not likely for a number of reasons. It's incredible how impretional people actually believe this when its in fact only presented as a novel ideer by people that doesn't believe it them self. Kind of like the notion of the “water human” that would explain why humans are hairless.  
    Any way: -The tubes has to be cooked in order to for us to be able to digest the starch an utilize the energy in them. So the premise of youre/there argument is that humans used fire 1-1,5 million years earlier than there are evidence for. Thats extremely unlikely as there are plenty och geological evidence for when humans started to make use of fire.
    -The premises also implies that humans could make use of fire before our cognition was enhanced with is extremely unlikely if not impossible.
    -Finally the premise (if not before) can be dismissed as it implies that the capacity to use fire came before the development of toles not only toles in general but toles needed to make fire.Ignorance is only human and we are strongly uncritical when we get information that conforms withe our belfes. But how any one can read the criticism I just put farvard and still belave that humans are "Starchivores" is nothing but insanit.. I truly hope that I dont cary any ideas like that just because they conform with my beliefs

  35. HolzSpecht says:

    C’mon you’re not that stupid

  36. Thanks Mic. Makes perfect sense. Good to see a channel intelligently and logically counteracting all the popular, unhealthy fad diets, as well as the ''cavemen lived on meat'' nonsense. Also, unlike any other energy sources, not only were whole starchy foods ubiquitous to our ancestors, they are also the easiest to store. Tubers, legumes, nuts etc will remain fresh and nutritious for weeks, even in the most basic of 'caveman' conditions.

    Back then, even cooked meat would've had to be eaten immediately. Meat rots in a few hours, even in winter. Hunting on foot with primitive tools (if any) would have taken a lot of time and energy, with very limited results. Meat will have been a small part of their diet compared to the easy to find and store, starchy foods – just as you showed in the diet of the isolated primitive tribes today.

    Eating anything other than a wholefood, at least 90% vegan diet (preferably organic), just as our ancestors did until very recently, is a fool's paradise. It all stems from the brainwashing the big sugar/processed food manufacturers and meat/dairy industry have pushed in order to make billions of dollars in profits. As well as restoring health, grocery bills reduce dramatically when you cut out this crap.

    Just looking at the billions of people who live outside the Western world is another massive clue – their diet again consists mainly of whole starches and vegetables. Obesity, cancer and heart disease rates are miniscule in these countries, compared to the West.

  37. I am vegan but I have to say, you're one disgusting looking guy.

  38. Aris Psaltis says:

    I agree to the general idea but we come from subsaharan africa where fruits are reliable and there were no starches in large quantities. So we must have begun as fruit eaters but once cooking was discobered we boomed on starches

  39. Steve G says:

    I've been eating nothing but Pasta with tomatoe sauce, Potatoes with BBQ sauce, Rice with soy sauce/chilly sauce for the past year. What happened? I lost weight… I also threw in some fruits and veggies here and there. Surprisingly it also didn't get too boring/bland lol

  40. susan brandt says:

    I love your videos! The way you edit them is brilliant!!

  41. Jack M says:

    Starches are good for humans. What isn't good for humans is to believe YouTube science in the belief that starches and other plant based diets led to the rapid Homo brain growth as opposed to meat. Another human species that lived along side is was Paranthropus, it was a species that did not consume meat and fed on plants and starches, evolving morphology to do so. Unlike the genus Homo is evolved stronger jaws for processing tough to chew material than a bigger brain. It is now extinct.

  42. ❤️❤️❤️🥔🥔🥔❤️❤️❤️

  43. I have tried it all and feel best on fruit. Starches are better than meat but inferior to fruit.

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