How I Got My Body: Kingdom's Frank Grillo Shares Boxing and Workout Tips

50-year old star of the acclaimed MMA drama Frank Grillo shares his boxing routine and diet tips. Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube?

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36 Responses to How I Got My Body: Kingdom's Frank Grillo Shares Boxing and Workout Tips

  1. He would be a great choice for playing The Punisher.

  2. Amwaj Ameen says:

    Frank grillo can easily portray as Paul Rudd's evil brother😂😂

  3. RED LUNARTIC says:

    Which dubstep song is this

  4. kenny omega says:

    sound like the carnivore diet

  5. Frank Castle says:

    This guy can be cast to play me

  6. Paul Baker says:

    He's cast with Gerry butler in a film called copshop.good actor,should be class

  7. Dk Nurul says:

    He got the look, he's ripped.. Why is his name still not known by many people? He's such an underrated actor!

  8. HBK乡 NINJA says:

    Hate him or not he's still a good actor

  9. yahya iflal says:

    How is this actor not famous

  10. Kingdom is the best show on the planet, hope they get to do season 4

  11. 03 AI says:

    He is very underrated. Hollywood should make more of his film.

  12. taimur74 says:

    Would have made an amazing frank castle

  13. now does he drink as much as he does in kingdom lol

  14. See this is how Crossbones trains then

  15. Is he the same man who was the victim of "Hail Hydra" scene in Avengers Endgame?

  16. Rob Poulter says:

    Seems like a legitimately cool guy.

  17. Rj Salvador says:

    Cross Bones Kulina!!!

  18. Taylor Bee says:

    Boxing or fighting will get you in better shape than almost anything else other than maybe dance or gymnastics. Or soldier training.

  19. His a good actor! He was badass in the purge movies

  20. Uncle Iroh says:

    “In a hotel room”… I can guarantee you the guests a floor below DESPISE you, lol

  21. Red Face says:

    This dude is 55. Awesome!

  22. Jonathan says:

    The diet part is where I can't do

  23. Psandoval85 says:

    I don't know how he kept that figure, all I saw him do in Kingdom was drink alcohol in practically every single scene.

  24. PrisonCipher says:

    He's 55, yes TRT/Roids are at play.

  25. nesian 94 says:

    What accent is this? Sounds different to average joe yank

  26. Harsh Madhok says:

    No ground game ? Ha ha. He needs to do bjj too

  27. Dude. Your body ain't THAT great to be posting about …smh

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