Gluten free and Grain free Roti / Chapati (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

This is a recipe for gluten free and grain free rotis which is Paleo and also AIP. These rotis are a great low carb option. They are soft yet sturdy enough to be …

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27 Responses to Gluten free and Grain free Roti / Chapati (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

  1. Wow.. very innovative and looks like our atta roti too..:) will sure try it out. Thanks

  2. M B says:

    This recipe was amazing! My partner and I have started a completely grain-free diet and were so sad to not be able to eat roti. All of the other recipes we found were either crumbly, tasted only of coconut, or were goopy. These actually turned out better than atta roti!

  3. Shyam Mohan says:

    Very nice recipe, we just tried it. What is your experience freezing these roti’s.

  4. Hi mam, good recipe for AIP, is their any alternative for singada flour, as it is not available at our place.or any other flour that can replace singada flour.

  5. Canray says:

    What’s another alternative to water chestnut powder?

  6. Hey love the recipe! Can you post more gluten free recipes!😊

  7. Thank you soooooooooo much 😊👍

  8. Life saving recipes…..for all autoimmune disorder. People……kindly share and upload recipes regularly…..dear

  9. Anika A says:

    I have to try this. Just found out I’m gluten intolerant. My lab tests actually show that I’m allergic to gluten and dairy. I was sad about giving up roti. But seems like this will be almost the same. So I’m excited! Thanks for sharing!

  10. fh af says:

    Can u describe taste aswel while shooting ur video, most of your video taste test is missing, n how does it taste like gluten free unlike conventional wheat flour.. please kindly include. Test test in all ur video while shooting next time

  11. Thank you for the receipe. My child is gluten sensitive and I have a lot of flour like amaranth, sorghum, oats and quinoa at home. May i know how singoda flour is better than the others pls. I am going crazy trying to figure out a suitable roti receipe😅

  12. Ada Kumagai says:

    Hi. Tank you so much.
    I prepare and it was very good

  13. Ananya Das says:

    Looks like chapati…feels like chapati

  14. fh af says:

    I saw the recipe for glutee free roti, but does gf roti actually taste like wheat flour,, as I have tried pre package mixes from Indian store, it taste horrible , would like to know

  15. Cassie E says:

    What else can I use with the Cassava flour if I do not have chestnut flour?

  16. Grace Ngugi says:

    Does it taste like real chapati?

  17. Hi I didn't get the second portion flour one was cassava flour what's the other

  18. shafaq iqbal says:

    This is brilliant and so well explained. Any idea, if i can get a good enough roti combining cassava flour and gram flour (besan)?? Will appreciate your response. 🙂

  19. rose garden says:

    This is brilliant so helpful thank you for sharing!

  20. Akila s says:

    Hi.. The receipe looks really amazing. I m happy that I found your channel since I m also being suffering from RA since more than a year now and I m in paleo as well. I feel bored bored eating eggs and meat n veggies.. I m glad that I found this receipe today. Please keep posting more paleo recipes… Keep up the good work.. One thing I wanted to know, we need to take very less carbs and high fat in paleo but water chest flour has higher amount of carbs.. Is it OK?

  21. These are great. I am struggling with this new way to eat, food sensitivities, RA and cooking. Love your food!

  22. Meow. says:

    How many  carbs per roti?

  23. Noheed Iqbal says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis. can I eat this roti

  24. Hi .. I love this recipe.. I'm planning on starting Paleo from next wk.. regarding the flours, they have pretty good amount of carbs.. so, how is it considered Paleo? 😰

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