Feathers: Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong #15

http://thegeekgroup.org/ – Steven looks at what paleontologists currently understand about the evolution of feathers in Dinosaurs, how they know it, and why it …

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37 Responses to Feathers: Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong #15

  1. I love artists who mock the fans of shrinkwrapped, naked dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures by making art of modern animals with these things. Imagine shrinkwrapped and naked geese. They look like gremlins!

  2. I think it would be super dope if we could have an update on the phylogeny of feathers in dinosaurs/archosaurs with the late 2018-early 2019 papers on pterosaur pycnofibres being homologous to feathers / more feather evidence or evidence against them (e.g. tyrannosaurus lacking them). Please do an update on this!!!

  3. KitRuppell says:

    I'm much happier with cute, fluffy Velociraptors than ugly scaly ones 😊

  4. People always say that feathers dont look scary. Well feathers just dont look cool on massiv beastes even an ostrich a sleeky mf a trex isnt.

  5. Feathered Dinosaurs: Not Herbivores + Triassic-Mid Jurassic

  6. Chris LaVey says:

    I love the feathered theory way more and, in fact, no one looks at an Eagle and says "This thing would look fierce as fuck without those stupid feathers". I think feathers would have served to make them look even MORE fierce. And, of course, amplifies the cuteness of the smaller, less scary ones.

  7. EXCALIBUR says:

    E M U S A R E F U C K I N G S C A R Y

  8. Probably the best one so far, nice message on the end! thanks.

  9. DinoBroof says:

    On the archosaurs theirs no protarosaurs
    (Tanystropheus, shringasaurus, drepanosaurs, etc.)

  10. That speech at the end about feather resistance was epic. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops to every Awesome-Bro Jurassic Park fan. Bravo Steve

  11. DinoBroof says:

    Can you do a video about the bone wars that will be fun
    Also if you’re like I tried to send you my velociraptor toy that has a beak and is a quadruped
    Ps I meant I will try to send I did not try yet if you see I’m sorry I confused you

  12. Mspinney says:

    Your closing statement about pop-culture bubbles is right on the nose for archaeology too, especially Palaeoarchaeology. So many people, even our experts, are so wrapped up in these old popular narratives that new and exciting discoveries are often swept aside or unknown to the public for decades. The radical changes in how the public saw Homo neanderthalensis over the decades since its initial discovery is an excellent example of this. We still have this 'flower child human bonobo' myth surrounding Neanderthals that's been going on since the 70's.
    And I'm not even going to touch the whole "primitive humans can't do 'advanced' things" narrative that's still in our cultural memory. Like, we KNOW that human beings built and sailed boats as far back as 50,000 years, but even our archaeological gatekeepers aren't keen on the idea of sea-faring Paleolithic humans.

  13. ten-chan says:

    Feather resistance makes no sense whatsoever… I mean even if you argue a creature looks "dumb" or "not scary" with feathers, what does it matter? Did mother nature come up to you and ask: "Hey, what would you think if this creature had feathers, would you approve?" I doubt it.
    So even IF you absolutely think a T-Rex with feathers (or whatever dinosaur you have issues with) would look stupid, what does that matter?
    If there is evidence to support the idea that it had feathers, or if there is definitive proof, then what does anyone's argument matter?

    I mean, there are some animals nowadays that look pretty dumb, not scary, stupid or funny or whatever, because they have fur/feathers/no fur/scales, whatever.

    My thoughts on the matter, anyways.

    I have a plush T-Rex, and I like its fluffiness! XD

  14. Rookie141 says:

    those feather-deniers have their "primitive" picture of dinosaurs from somewhere, i mean sure, i grew up with those depictions too and they are still around in movies like JP (but there i can understand it because the series started way back and the naked "velociraptor" is kinda their mascot). back to the deniers, they take their initial picture of dinos from a source, not having put any own research into it at all, but when researchers come up with new results, those peeps act as if they had a clue or some first hand own results?

  15. The thing that really bugs me about feathered dino-haters is when they say it makes them look less badass. As if we don't have awesome fur-covered predators in modern day! Everyone's always touting the badassitude of the honey badger, but nobody ever replies to posts about them saying "Yeah, but they look stupid because their covered in fur!"

  16. joshua41175 says:

    I too thought feathers made tyrannosaurus made it look dumb. Then I net an anjorath.

  17. jew hawk says:

    No, I never new I had gills and a tail when I was young.

  18. SheTheTDE says:

    Imagine if Microraptor had survived and evolved. What would we have today? Maybe we would have eagle sized biplane-fliers, maybe the forelimbs and hind-limbs would evolve such that they combine in flight, maybe the legs and tail would have combined after all legs out behind an animal ia more natural that legs off to the sides, maybe the legs would have evolved to be less effective as legs creating an animal that spends almost it's entire life in flight equivalent to some sort of sky-seal, maybe we'd have one of each of those things. Isn't speculation about what could have so much fun?

  19. I don't know what all the feather resistance is about. Feathered dinosaurs look majestic.

  20. Learn your Ocam's Razor theory everyone. It will help you

  21. Evolution probably didn't give a honk whether or not Internet nerds sixty-five-million-plus years in the future thought it looked silly when it gave giant land animals a progressively varied series of new body coverings, just like it didn't give a hoot when it decided human men should keep their utterly useless nipples. It certainly doesn't care that humans think hyenas look ugly. We're the ones who base our ideas about the temperament of an animal on what kind of visual impression we get from it, and we're the ones who fail when we forget our own platitudes… such as "never judge a book by its cover."

    The funky thing is that before this current pop culture perception of dinosaurs, there was another pervasive incorrect view that was popular for entirely other reasons (because it made dinosaurs look inferior to humans, and that tickled our egotistical species pride, I guess). This newer pop culture view was, at one point, the most accurate general sense people had for dinosaurs, even if it came attached to some intentional dramatic liberties (using "velociraptor antirropus" instead of "deinonychus antirropus) and some straight-up fictional stuff (dilophosaurus being poisonous, which even in that story was not portrayed as paleontological fact but rather something discovered post-cloning). It was in some sense a necessary step in public education that opened peoples' minds about it… which is why it's ironic that they largely close their minds all over again to a similar shift in viewpoint.

    In micocosm, that's kind of just another Tuesday in the way we as a species learn about the world. That stubbornness and resistance to new ideas, until the old ideas literally can't hang around any further because they were metaphorically bludgeoned out of public consciousness.

    – Lewis

  22. Magic the gathering had really good designs for its feathered dinosaurs from the ixalan set, they still looked cool and intimidating. Although obviously with fictional dinosaurs.

  23. lao khang says:

    The difference between a dragon and a dinosaur is that one is real and the other is a myth. So it's okay to constantly reimage a dinosaur to what they really look like, even if later on a t rex starts to look fluffy and cuddly

  24. LDBlokland says:

    Feathered Theropods make me think of terrestrial Hawks with teeth and claws om their wings… A lot more scary than mr. Scaly giant bird-ish shaped lizard

  25. Sooo… we can make feathery crocs? nice!

  26. Loving the channel! Do you play Ark Survival Evolved? If so, what do you think of the representation of dinosaurs there? Accurate? Thanks!

  27. You only have gills and a tail early in your life if you are a frog.

  28. Nick Bertoni says:

    Do you think the spinosaurus had feathers? I don't think it would make sense for them to have them off they were mostly water dwelling animals.

  29. "please don't let your prejudices get in the way of you learning things"… I wish someone, someday, would take a giant bat, and beat that phrase into collective heads of humanity until it finally sticks. It would solve all of our problems, this one sentence, if it were made into life's mantra.

  30. While i agree that truth is more important than fiction, I am yet to see a feathered dinosaur that looks more awesome than a non feathered one. That supposedly awesome feathered reconstruction you showed in the end that is one of the better reconstructions of feathered dinos out there still looked lame as fuck.

  31. Cannot give enough thumbs up for this. Well done, sir.

  32. The idea of feathered dinosaurs bothered me initially, but as time has passed I've grown to accept it, specially with Raptors, since feathers make them look like Giant Eagles, and that's just cool. Although I can't really imagine dinosaurs like T-Rex with feathers, I can imagine them with those Protofeathers all over their body, specially on their back, and that mental image was just better when I saw an actual image of a representation of a T.Rex with Protofeathers. It looked amazing.
    I very much prefer imagining dinosaurs with feathers more similar to Eagles and Falcons than Turkeys, what I mean is by the way they look, Turkeys look way too fluffy for my taste, but Eagles and Falcons look badass with them, dinosaurs could look badass with feathers too.

  33. Fin Dood says:

    artists making goofy looking art isn't helping either.

  34. Daniel Davis says:

    Personally, I don't understand the idea that dinosaurs with feathers look silly or wouldn't be scary. I'd be pretty terrified if a 2 ton chicken with teeth started chasing me.

  35. Dear Steven.
    Please marry me!
    Kind regards,

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