Dr. Sarah Ballantyne – What’s On Your Paleo Autoimmune Plate?

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16 Responses to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne – What’s On Your Paleo Autoimmune Plate?

  1. birtha41 says:

    can you give us a link to this power point/slide show?

    thanks in advance.

  2. i have hashimotos and potentially pcos.. so ready to try this diet! :)

  3. Nick Clarke says:

    i hate liver. i dont have to do anything lady

  4. Amanda Salas says:

    Can't wait to start. I'm only worried about the seafood since we know fake fish has just been introduced (literally) abut, I'm going to do this for my alopecia's sake

  5. I just started the diet today. I know that I didn't get everything I needed. I was so confused firstly on what I could have for the first month. No broccoli, no cauliflower, no squash, no sweet potato, no onion, or other night shades. There were so many grey area foods and all it says is, "be careful". Does this mean that we can have these in the first month? All I ate today was cucumbers, romaine lettuce, kale, carrots, and then this morning baked chicken skin on which wasn't free range, and then a hamburger patty. I had some coconut oil, and a few sips of coconut milk, which I found was not very nice! I ended up with a migraine from vinegar on my salad. Sulfites. And I'm hungry. Couldn't find organic fruit and hardly any organic veggies. HELP!

  6. What about Carbs? This diet sounds really low energy…and surely fruit isn't the only type of carb you can have in your diet is it?

  7. MrFlakito52 says:

    has she not heard of fukushima?

  8. Very good speech. Love it. More clear for me to understand how to do the aip protocol. Thanks Sarah!!!!! #paleomom

  9. allencrider says:

    Paleos have trouble with autoimmune disease because they eat animal products.

  10. PutBoy says:

    This doesn't make sense. Why is meat ok but no dairy and eggs? What's the magical difference? I also haven't heard of an autoimmune disease cause by legumes and graind. Although, I will say, you can fill a library with things I have not heard about.

  11. Diane Cressy says:

    This is a wonderful diet and I am thriving on it.. I am totally addicted to the Liver Pate.. Never thought that would happen!

  12. Laura Osborn says:

    I have been on a diet somewhat like this, I lost 40 pounds in a year.  I was with someone addicted to junk food and joined him, sigh (what was I thinking).  Now sanity has returned and I look forward to trying this!

  13. Interesting, as we have no trates of being meat eaters. We do not have a physiology that is naturally made to digest meat, or do we?

  14. Liver taste good,just dont over cook it because it turns hard like cartilagey.

  15. 8-10 servings a day of plant material? That is not even economically possible for the majority of people, especially if you have a CSA. Maybe if you had a garden but come on, that is just unreasonable. I think a smarter strategy would be to have 4-6 a day of fermented, cooked, and raw plant material a day; fermented foods also boost gut microbes that in turn make nutrients for you out of plant fiber, so it's like a net gain nutritionally, plus they're more nutrient-dense from being fermented. I can't imagine indigenous populations eating even 8-10 servings a day, let alone 16-20. I don't think I could even fit that much in my belly physically. It becomes a task past 2-3 at a meal to eat that much plant matter. Focusing on organ meats, broth, fermented veggies, leafy greens, roots and tubers, and seafood is the takeaway from this talk for autoimmune sufferers, and just in general too actually. 

  16. She is into survival eating, animal fat is on the menu and it shows on the body.
    The fat you eat is the fat you wear.

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