Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

Hey guys! I am back with the next installment of my diet review series. This week I am covering the incredibly popular ketogenic diet. Within the last year or two, …

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31 Responses to Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

  1. Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much 😂😋

  2. jelcee's says:

    My mom using keto but it doesnt work to her

  3. ymcaforever says:

    PRN coffee lol! I must have that shirt! Thanks for the great videos 😊

  4. oh hell no!
    go vegan 🙂

  5. John Arthur says:

    I watched a commercial on a pill called biktarvy would you recommend this pill to people with hiv?

  6. W 5 says:

    So if we want to lose fat what should we do?

  7. Story time!
    My friend: Hey, am I fat?
    Me: No, you look fine!
    My friend: Are you sure? Because I look fat.
    Me: Why? Do you want to loose some weight?
    My friend: YES PLEASE!
    My friend: Uh ok?
    Ze next dey (I spell it wrong on purpose)
    Me: So?
    My friend: He actually helped!
    Me: Told ya, by the way… can I see your lunch box?
    My friend: Sure!
    She shows me her lunch box
    Me: WOW! You have a lot of healthy stuff!
    My friend: Thank you 😀

    THE END!

  8. edenscancer says:

    "explain yourself…" Lost my everloving shit…. lol

  9. Dr Ben Bikman has similar opinions and does a ton of research on this everyone should check him out! Thanks Dr Mike for being honest about all of this.

  10. Angelina says:

    Could you do a video on the carnivore diet?

  11. I always heard that it is more likely to damage the body than help it.

  12. JJLoveRider says:

    I would love to get links to your sources if possible? My husband is thinking about and would like for him to get reputable info rather than from blogs ☺️

  13. jackliu1024 says:

    Can you please explain the potential consequences keto might have on your kidneys?

  14. ubriel bryne says:

    I want to interject that the assertion that you can't have ice cream or alcohol is not entirely accurate. During the weight loss as primary goal segment of the keto diet, indulging on special occasions RARELY is okay and will interrupt the process; however, the diet will not be a bust because you celebrated graduation or your wedding with a non-keto food. It simply takes a break; especially if you are vigilant at other times. Also, you will find the majority of keto-dieters will not want those non-keto foods as much or at all, so they may have a little but not nearly in the "super-size" portions they may have when their bodies are accustomed to craving sugar. So many more details but moving on… In the maintenance segment of the keto diet, carbohydrate intake increases slowly to a steady level that helps keto-lifestylers maintain the gains they have made without continuing to request that their bodies access fat stores that should be now depleted, so a keto-lifestyler will likely include non-keto foods regularly; again, in much reduced portion sizes.

  15. Dr. Ken Berry & Dr. Jason Fung – YouTube needs you!

  16. How is it good for weight loss if it's mainly fats? 😶

  17. Love the 'PORN' shirt, although the O is really tiny

  18. Did it, lost weight, didnt feel good. Heart palputations, dehydration drinks at 1am as i couldnt sleep, just didnt feel 'natural'. So, made some lifestyle changes, real food, i was already now prepping meals so do that but balance them, not too much this or that,(except veg) dont eat too much grain, no bad oils, not pies/pastry/ eat more nuts, seeds, use olive oil, fish, chicken and cut processed fat, have low carb noodles instead of regular. etc. etc. and do it long term. Alcohol hurts on keto, like really hurts your head.

  19. Don't worry about any sweets you like. When you'll be on KETO for a while, you will find they taste awful.

  20. Coffee = pro renata
    Distracted by your t-shirt 🤩

  21. Thomas G says:

    you can drink whiskey on keto. Also it is very sustainable you just need self control.

  22. Katie Hannan says:

    Oh my goodness, I love the shirt. Those in the medical community will get it!!

  23. sevalle83 says:

    I love your videos very much and enjoy watching them. I want to say that keto is also good for type 1 and type 1.5 diabetics (I am one of them). Also one of the biggest misconception of Keto is the lack of micronutrients. If done properly you won't be missing any macro or micro nutrients, the biggest thing is cutting sugar and processed foods. If you stick to meat, eggs, cheese, nuts/seeds and veggies you will naturally be keto. You will be eating enough fiber in your veggies to counteract the carbs such as eating almonds is 6 carbs/3 fiber etc. Keto is basically telling you to eat properly and cut out the garbage that has been added to the western diet and has become empty nutrionless calories.

  24. Try to put on a good workout when you're on a K.Diet!
    It might be good if you're training for a marathon, but if you need intensity, forget it!

  25. No to beer wine. Not no to alcohol.

  26. Dr mike

    I have type one diabetes I always thought that ketones are bad.
    Can I do this diet or should I do another diet

  27. That video made me laugh especially after the drinks accident, because it's exactly what happens when you adopt the Keto diet. I also had a crazy 2 weeks results my 6pack was back. The struggle is real because of all the habits of snacking, it cracked me up when you mention Keto is not snacking friendly cos you clearly can't snack on keto stuff and this part for me is the hardest, because chewing takes off of my daily boredom and I'm sure it's something primitive as animals chew on things time to time.
    Personally I suffered mentally from the Keto Diet, I am very healthy I eat vegetarian most of the year, pescatarian on night out and organic + unprocessed + the less cooked advisable; but Keto is the hardcore side of the Force ffs !!! The first weeks of grocery shopping I'd turn in circles trying to find the right food low carbs which in England is pretty much inexistent ! As a French I found hard to cut on bread even if at that time I wasn't really eating bread anymore but when your diet is almost all fat what do you spread or layer it on ???!
    I really got mentally tired of the effort it takes to watch out for everything. I am glad I am slim (used to be skinny) and picky with what I eat since I'm little cos I didn't want to go Keto for weight loss purpose and if I did I would have got depressed. Food is a pleasure to me and that amount of limits is clearly unpleasant !
    Good effects noticed are the focus, the intermittent fasting, cost less money, discipline.
    Negative effects are that I definetly had the flu, cravings even for foods I've never been into, once I had carbs for a day or two for my sis birthday week it was impossible to go back to keto immediately and it was a slow ride to carbs hell and shame !
    There is so much to talk about !
    Great books pro Keto : Fat for Fuel, The Case Against Sugar, How Not To Die

  28. Phailox says:

    Reasons ketogenic diet work:
    1. calorie deficit
    2. it makes ppl actually read what is in their foods. Force education in nutritional information.
    3. it forces ppl to stay away from foods they usually cant control themselves around. Atleast if they actually follow the diet.
    4. its an actual diet regime, not any of these fancy shakes/juice/pill shits.

    Reasons its shit:
    1. anyone in control of their food intake and urges dont need to cut out major food groups which are healthy, just because they're carbs.
    2. there are so many downsides to a ketogenic diet, health wise. Mike forgot about the digestion ones.
    3. A normal healthy diet work just as great without all the negatives but they lose out on 2 and 3 from the list above. Which is why ppl usually dont get much results from them. Restriction works a lot better on novices,. than the whole "eat healthy in an amount that serves your goal"

  29. Great video, I learned new things for sure. by the way, this blog post also helped me a lot with understanding the keto diet more

  30. Yo boi says:

    I got a keto bar ad

  31. Natalie V says:

    could you do a Video on the ‘KetoGenic Accelerator’? its also known by ‘Sarahs discovery’ and basically all over the internet.. but noone seems to be able to tell if its scam or not

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