CrossFit Firefight

The CrossFit Journal — ( Most CrossFit athletes know the cramping, burning ache in the forearms caused by Fran, but few have pushed …

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28 Responses to CrossFit Firefight

  1. Brian Jin says:

    fire fight meaning someones shooting back at you lmao, more like a day on the range smh dramatic as fuck

  2. Comebacky1 says:


  3. TheWise Owl says:

    Dave Castro, a competitve shooter
    There might be an i missing but it think Dave's ego swallowed it

  4. Crush Big Sodas…and guns? Cmon

  5. DKYetti says:

    so i like the idea of the fatigued shooting test and the crossfit workouts do fatigue you more than rope climbing/swings and distance runs but come on some of the fatigue caused by the workouts would only accurately simulate some kinda bruce willis die hard situations.

  6. It's already an Winter Olympic discipline … it's called Biathlon! +GroundPounder 85  cross-country skiing and shooting with a high HR … don't come to the wrong conclusion

  7. mein feedly says:

    Jesus bless the fireweapons. Jesus bless Amercia. And Jesus bless especially Dave Castro for bis glorious ideas of people getting fit for real life situations!

  8. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

  9. Paul Floyd says:

    If you have a boyfriend who doesn't think shooting guns and working out are cool, you have a girlfriend. If they figure a way to go fishing during this, it would be the greatest achievement in history lol.

  10. Dwikkles says:

    +Zipemova just tried to give me some BS argument talking about his/her nice neighborhood and how they dont know anyone who owns a gun, and some link about some lady who was shot with her gun. This is how I responded…

    "Oh really? Or maybe you're just blind to it. I personally grew up in a small, low crime suburban town in central Virgina, yet I was still shot at 19 years old by an angry ex husband of my friend's mother. For no reason. And he and his mother both were killed because we did not have a gun handy to defend our home. not to mention I 100% guarantee you there are people in YOUR area that DO OWN GUNS. Period. GUARANTEED. You just dont know about it.

    i live in the bastion of anti-gun nuts Southern California, and I know about 6 people within my small neighborhood who owns guns. EVERY area has gun owners. The fact you dont know anyone in your area who does shows how oblivious and unaware of your surroundings you are. You give me your "area" and I guarantee I can find a local incident that could have been solved by owning a gun.

    oh and you think your little link there about an accident is good? how bout this one from a nice "safe" neighborhood in Connecticut….,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders

    Yeh thats right, the father was forced tied up and forced to watch his daughters and wife burned raped and burned alive. CHILDREN!

    It is a FACT that I could post multiple stories of lives saved by gun owners for every 1 you could show me of stories like yours. Now sit there for a while and let that sink in and lick your wounds, because you just got schooled. Welcome to the real world. that education is free of charge. You're welcome."

  11. jesse77565 says:

    Rich could EASILY be a navy seal if he wanted and probably make it through the course with ease.

  12. Maravilhoso treinamento!!

  13. abtuey9770 says:

    This is all shit,join the army if you want to do that…Especially when you have rounds coming back your way and about 40lbs on your back….been on tour when xfitters piled in on the exfil from being in contact for 6hrs….

  14. Mr. Goodkat says:

    usa in a nutshell

  15. Bob Wilson says:

    Barbells, race guns, Navy SEALS and a Dolphins hat.  Add that to the bucket list.

  16. Why American people love so much firearms? Maybe to defend the world form other bully!

  17. This is the coolest Crossfit video EVER!
    Throw in some Krav Maga in with the shooting and Crossfit,
    and you have the total extreme workout!

  18. Ok , guys. Theres no way this is gonna be in the games. Your shooting abilities has nothin to do with your fittness

  19. The more and more I see these sorts of things pop up, the more and more I realize that we as people treat life as long-winded party and there this no point to it but just to do something and be happy. We are blind slaves, jam-packing our lives with junk like Crossfit and this non-sense we're watching now.

  20. I need this in my life.

  21. Daniel Z says:

    So if you crossfit you will know how to pull a trigger?

  22. WhySoSerious says:

    Anybody know the artist & song in the backround?

  23. GJC 0621 says:

    2:27 mark. This is exactly why I dislike the crossfit cult. The military has been doing this kind of training long before crossfit. This is not breaking new ground.

  24. GJC 0621 says:

    This is going to breed a new level of douchebag.

  25. Pete Dorr says:

    This is so retarded I laughed out loud. Supersetting cleans with kipping pull ups and shooting? What the actual fuck? Is crossfit serious?

  26. Why would Crossfitters even bother with a 2-mile run? They're clearly not built like distance runners so why not do running that matches their body type (i.e. sprinting)? They'd more than likely be better at it and would maybe run some halfway decent times (they were practically walking that 2-mile).

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