Chicken Stew Recipe Crock Pot | Paleo + Gluten Free

Slow cooked chicken stew in the crock pot. This recipe is paleo and gluten free. Crock Pot Slow Cooker: Cooking Videos: …

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28 Responses to Chicken Stew Recipe Crock Pot | Paleo + Gluten Free

  1. Looks gd but there is way too much salt in that stew 1st salt,2nd chicken stock,3rd dice tomatoes,then she add more salt in the end …….that is definately a high blood pressure stew

  2. I have spent months researching into the paleo diet and discovered an awesome website at Paleo Secret Blueprint (google it if you are interested)

  3. Mel Martinez says:

    😂😂😂🤣🤣 opps dropped the pepper, oh well I'll leave it.

  4. Martin Dales says:

    If you spill too much pepper, bread and butter will pull it back off without disurbing it too much. Its usually salt which gets me lol.
    Also i add "worchester sauce" pronounced in UK as wooster sauce, balsamic vinegar or sometimes sherry vinear and a couple of bits of star anaise on a string tied to one handle. Thats if i am going to use the left over sauce the next day as a base gravy.

  5. judy hobday says:

    I would probably tried to scoop out a lot of the pepper,  just me. Yumm, looks very delicious.

  6. Welcome to Sunday Night Football! Tonight we have the New York Slow Cookers vs the Green Bay Insta Pots!
    (Guess who lost 😂? You guessed right…The Slow Cookers 😉

  7. I hope you make more recipes with the instant pot

  8. I love ❤️ watching you ur so cute & y'all are funny , really enjoy the videos. I watched your first video on instant pot and then I start watching other videos and I'll die I got to go get one I love this high even though I haven't taken out of the box yet but I'm going to I'm gonna make some red beans and rice tomorrow with ham

  9. why go to town if you have them in the cover hehehehehe

  10. I did the exact thing with the pepper from that same brand once…and it overpowered my chicken noodle soup!!!  I immediately put tape over the 'pour' side of the pepper container and have never had it happen to me again.  The stew looked yummy!!

  11. Erin Vaughn says:

    The wine is very important 👍

  12. That's a lot of black pepper it's gonna be nice but kind of spicy & smoky!

  13. Lynn Jasch says:

    I really enjoy the one pot meals.

  14. OH man!!! Kait, that is fabulous! I did have to leave out the peppers for my wife, but this was sooo easy, and I followed the recipe to the TEE (cept for the cup of black pepper). Thank you again!

  15. The Vances says:

    You have got to check out the Instant Pot!!!

  16. Ariel N says:

    hehe..i was making it healthy…its like the steak without the fat marbling tastes like jerky..and I was following your theme of organic and free roaming chicken. my friends ask me if our vegetables are organic. i tell them still comes with the dirt it was planted it. while cooking since the glasses are out I would have the borboun

  17. Thia Eddy says:

    If you love the crock pot you would love an instant pot! For RVers the instant pot does so much more than a crock pot and still slow cooks. We were able to get rid of crock pots, rice cookers, steamers and soup pots in the RV when we added the instant pot. More room in my kitchen! Check it out

  18. Ariel N says:

    love the crockpot. i usually para boil the meat to take the fat. for beef like roast i grill it in a pan first just to sear the sides and brown the outside. love cooking episodes. same technique and ingredients as this episode. replace the beans with cut up potatoes. add yellow curry powder. add some bell peppers. for veggies i usually add them the last two to one hour on slow cook. easy and yummy

  19. I love it! Especially how you keep it real with the pepper "oops" – we all do those things from time to time.

  20. Love, love, love the video.

  21. Nah says:

    You had me at, "You can't start cookin' until…" 😀
    Glad I'm not alone in this opinion!
    Nice job.

  22. Great to see you in better spirits, Kait!

  23. lbird says:

    Where do you find diced tomatoes that actually look like diced tomatoes? I'm not kidding, the last few times I've purchased diced tomatoes (different brands), they all were like pureed tomato sauce. I quit trying to find them. I laughed when you said the pepper wasn't too bad, because I was just thinking to myself that the pepper probably all settled on the bottom. Then sure enough you spoke what I was thinking, LOL. I love pepper, so I often put in a lot, but sometimes the last few bites are even too much for me. Your stew looks yummy. I do have a crock-pot, but haven't used it lately. Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. Nice recipe for the slow cooker. We use ours all the time. We seem to always forget to drink first.

  25. Ron Howes says:

    "As every good cook knows, you can't start cooking until you start drinking".  Now I know you are really a good cook.

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