Ancient history(प्राचीन भारत )-Paleolithic Age(पुरापाषाण युग) (Chapter-1( Part-1)

this lecture given by Miss Bajpai , she will teach complete series of Ancient india and culture part in Hindi Language , try to share her contribution in your group …

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33 Responses to Ancient history(प्राचीन भारत )-Paleolithic Age(पुरापाषाण युग) (Chapter-1( Part-1)

  1. amin delna says:

    sound is extremely disturbing

  2. Anand S says:

    Poori history ki video banaiye plz hindi m

  3. thanks for giving true information about history please give little more innovative ideas for upcoming samvidha shishak exam.

  4. Wow ur facts are all wrong ….and where shall i start pointing it out??Most of things u hv told is totally wrong….Guys Refer To Dr. D.K Bhattacharya's book (Outline of Indian Prehistory) or Bio-Cultural Evolution By Dr.Gaya Pandey…This Video is Plain Stupid

  5. Rohil Thakur says:

    Mam pdf kaha milegi iski

  6. MD AHSAN says:

    History ke bare mein aur bhi video's upload kijia

  7. Second part kab ayega

  8. Subham Gope says:

    maam paleolithic art k bare mai hindi mai note banaye na

  9. Mam main bhi bahut gareeb hoon mujhe delhi aana bahut mahenga padega meri economic condition waisi nhi hain but main jaroor ias bankar apni situation badal dunga promise mam

  10. Randheer says:

    Thanks…desire..for making basics clear..thanku again

  11. priya sharma says:

    Ye BA program first year ke liye bhi h kya

  12. plz mam provide in pdf form link

  13. Sher Khan says:

    Need to see the videos of remaining part of ancient Indian please help I can't find the remaining parts

  14. Neera Singh says:

    Mam plz serial wise kr dijiye lectures

  15. Improve audio quality.

  16. Shamdesai77 says:

    Madam history lectures u r taking r awesome n sir gumnam baba u also give lot of guidance

  17. music bank says:

    Plz improve voice quality

  18. Grt Move Mam..ur's r d best lectures available on youtube..i request u to plzzz complete d series..Awesome work JUST UPSC EXAM TEAM

  19. Sanjay Pal says:

    Maidam PDF kha milega in vedios ke

  20. Vikalp says:

    aapko itni knowledge kaise hai?

  21. Vikalp says:

    mam your voice is very sweet😍😍😍

  22. amit singh says:

    mam apka teaching style bhot hi unique h; i love it so much, thnk u

  23. plzzzz…. improve voice quality.

  24. voice quality is not good.

  25. isha yadav says:

    mam source of book clear kr dijiye plz
    for perfact revision

  26. Aniket Sain says:

    Sir newspaper ke notes bnane chy ki ni

  27. Mam aap history kab tak complete krva doge

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