35 How To Become Insulin Resistant (The Paleo Way) 1

Do you want to be insulin resistant? According to the low-carb leaders, you shouldn’t. Gary Taubes says, “When you’re insulin-resistant, you secrete more insulin …

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35 Responses to 35 How To Become Insulin Resistant (The Paleo Way) 1

  1. just finished part 1 & 2 of how to become insulin-resistant the Paleo way. this is some really good work. if you want a good laugh check out the 2 short videos I did on Mark Sisson in the worst of the food industry series. #WorstoftheFoodIndustry – I genuinely do not like the smug confidence with which Mark Sisson proclaims that fat is the preferred fuel source for human beings. his advice is dangerous and irresponsible, just like many other low carbers. three cheers for exposing his poor advice and low standards.

  2. vidfreak56 says:

    So a response ive been reading to "fat diets can induce cellular insulin resistance" is that the studies weren't long term enough to matter (2- 4 days) and that the effect actually "goes away" after a certain period of time. Is there any information you know of that looks at long term HFLC diets and the effects on IR? Its ok if you dont have anything. I realize you're probably busy.

    Thanks for the videos by the way. I love the work you do.

  3. Cordaine crushed by logic, what a relief !

  4. a1qva1qv says:

    ya Dr John Briffa, Dr Eric Westman, Dr. Steve Finney, Dr. William Davis, Dr Peter Attia, Dr Yoni Freedhoff, Dr Colin Champ, Dr Jeffry Gerber, and probably hundreds more are all cherry-picking there research and you areNOT. Do some more research. . These Dr all have 1 thing in common with vegans and that is eat a whole food diet, and all of them promote eating lots of vegetables, wild caught fish, grass fed pastured animals, and they and we have 1000's of testimonials and data from real people having great success in improving weight, vitals, and there lives eating this way.

  5. Mike Pearse says:

    I know you're not a big fan of Evelyn Kocur/Carbsane, however, you may find this podcast starting at around 40:00 to be enlightening. She talks about how low carbers paradoxically develop diabetic and pre-diabetic blood sugars, and have worsened glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS). This happened to Tom Naughton apparently and he's only 5 pounds lighter now than his pre-LC/Paleo days. All for naught. 


  6. How do you explain when I tried the McDougall diet 100%, the starches like oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes drove my blood glucose levels through the roof? I adhered to the diet over 6 months and saw no improvement in my fasting blood glucose numbers. I routinely saw numbers over 200 postprandial. I think this type of a diet might be dangerous for some diabetics. Have you ever tested your blood sugars after eating these plant based diets? They might work for some people but can harm too in my opinion. McDougall claims his diet can even cure some cancers. This doctor is on the fringe and his ideas about optimal human nutrition borders on quackery.

  7. Steve Bates says:

    Paleo dogma says wheat raises your blood sugar and leads to hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.

    BUT… a meta-analysis hot off the presses says that oats (derived from the dreaded wheat plant) LOWER blood sugar and insulin levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Now that's what I call plant positive, baby!


  8. PeanutChoco1 says:

    Here's another video explaining why restricting carbs causes insulin resistance. This channel could have had the potential to become as big as yours, but it looks like the filmmaker quit a year ago. Bummer.


  9. PeanutChoco1 says:

    Chromium picolinate worsens insulin sensitivity in non-diabetics. Scammer Jimmy Moore has been promoting the stuff for years.


  10. PeanutChoco1 says:

    Caffeine may cause insulin resistance. This is relevant to Paleo dieters because many of them, including such luminaries as Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, and Sean Croxton, can't function without coffee.


  11. "…human milk is low in protein…"  That should be a frickin clue about human diet, haha!  

  12. Jester123ish says:

    OMG.  (oh my golly)    It's even worse than we thought.

  13. Tim Eaton says:

    Somehow, I doubt we'll see low carbers isocalorically replacing beef with white pasta any time soon.

  14. Yet again a Paleo sheep demonstrates ignorance about something covered in these videos. Define Healthful Part 2. Try to learn something if your emotions will allow it.

  15. Ha! If you actually read the study, you would see that the Aboriginal men were only taking in 1200 calories a day and increased their physical activity. Their baseline diet was also horrible. These are the kinds of shenanigans required to make high animal protein diets look good. Also note that their diet in the Bush was also characterized as low fat, owing to the leanness of wild game. Quite a departure from the message promulgated by Mark Sisson and company, isn't it?

  16. Don't all vegan babies die? If not, why not?

    "11 months she was just 5.7 kg, 18% less than she had been six weeks earlier"

    So from this you'll at least admit that vegan diets are good for weight loss? Isn't that how this works?

    Type less and think more. You're off to a miserable start here.

  17. But was that diet called Paleo? Because if it wasn't, you are being a hypocrite for bringing it up.

  18. He called it! Every study that isn't called "Paleo" doesn't count! It's like calling "shotgun" before getting in the car, right?

    You have crossed over into religious belief. Only when a diet is perfectly "Paleo" can we see how all this works! Paleo is magic!

  19. Actually, nutrition science is based on many forms of experimentation and results are generalizable. You can only make up a Paleo loophole if you are completely naive.

    Watch Define Healthful Part 2. And try to think a little more critically about all this.

  20. Hey, I have an idea! Let's start a new fad diet today! We can make up a name for it, like say, the Savanna Diet. Since no one has done trials of our diet (it's brand new!), we can make whatever claims we like and no one can say we're wrong! And it's better if no one agrees on what, exactly, a Savanna Diet is! Science makes conning people so easy, doesn't it!

    Think about it. The books arguing for Paleo weren't based on Paleo studies.

    Your stategy is denial.

  21. Aaron Kay says:

    A vegan diet cured me of severe constipation. And I can't speak for whatever the fuck those parents we're doing, just because you go vegan doesn't mean someone knows anything about nutrition. The child was sick and then they thought they could do something about it themselves instead of listening to doctors. I have a 1 year old daughter who has been vegan since birth, she always checks out just fine and is developing great. We give her almond milk that is fortified with b12 and vitamin D.

  22. itsnobody says:

    Another important thing to point out is the speculations made based off false studies (that don't use paleo diets) made in the video.

    Speculations, models, hypotheses, and theories don't tell us what reality is like, experimentation does.

    Experimentation is used to verify the accuracy of models and hypotheses, not the other way around

    So far basically every experimental study done on paleo diets show them to be effective, but I'm still uncertain I think more research should be done.

  23. itsnobody says:

    The whole video is just straw man and speculation, he takes studies that compare non-paleo diets and then he makes big jumps and speculates as a result a paleo diet should do this or do this.

    A paleo diet isn't grain + meat-eating + dairy consumption or a low-carb diet

    The studies he points out to make his 'points' don't use paleo diets, they use high-meat or high-protein diets that aren't paleo thereby distorting everything.

    He uses this same strategy throughout the entire video.

  24. itsnobody says:

    This video is just garbage, the arguments are so weak

    The arguments consist of the following:
    – Using 'theories' 'hypotheses', authority, and speculations rather than experimental data
    – Straw man of what a paleo diet is, just look at 18:01 , the acidic diet is nothing like a paleo diet, a paleo diet is meat, vegetables, fruit, almonds, and no dairy, no grains, no legumes (basically)

    There haven't been many studies done specifically on a paleo diet yet so I'm uncertain about it as well

  25. itsnobody says:

    The analysis you're referring to isn't an analysis of how paleolithic people looked it's an analysis of paleolithic idols.

    Another argument that relies on speculations rather than experimental data.

    Experimental data in peer-reviewed studies like "Marked improvement in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in diabetic Australian aborigines after temporary reversion to traditional lifestyle" clearly show that the paleo lifestyle reduced fat.

    Experimentation tells us what reality is like

  26. itsnobody says:

    Just vegan/vegetarian propaganda crap.

    The arguments in this video consists of using mostly speculations rather than experimental data.

    A 2010 peer-reviewed study involving a high sample of over 1200 people ("Diets with High or Low Protein Content and Glycemic Index for Weight-Loss Maintenance") showed that "only the low-protein–-high-glycemic-index diet was associated with subsequent significant weight regain"

    The most effective group was the high-protein low-glycemic index group.

  27. itsnobody says:

    Google "vegan diet constipation"

    Better yet look at all peer-reviewed studies on "Veganism and B-12 deficiency"

    Or better yet Google "Vegan baby dies"

    Here's an excerpt: "Joel and Sergine Le Moaligou's 11-month-old daughter Louise died at their home in 2008. An autopsy revealed that the baby had a deficiency of vitamins A and B12, which made her more susceptible to infections."

  28. Aaron Kay says:

    Lol google "paleo diet constipation" these guys don't poop.

  29. If you leave anything on your plate, make sure it’s the meat and not the fat. If you don’t already, learn to love bacon, and don’t cook it ‘til the fat is all gone: eat it wobbly. Wallow in Mangalitsa lardo. And whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t listen to your body during this adaptation period or you’ll never cross the chasm between fat and miserable on your high-carb diet and slim, happy, energetic and low-carb adapted on the other side.

  30. Eat fatty cuts of meat, cooked in butter or lard if you want, and force your body over to using the fats and ketones for energy as nature intended. I mean, don’t try to be noble by eating boneless, skinless chicken breasts – instead insert some pats of butter under the skin of a chicken leg and thigh before cooking, and wolf them with your fingers while the fat drips down your arms. Do not trim the fat from your steaks – eat them from the fat side in.

  31. you might want to look into water fasting. doug graham is a good guy to go to for water fasting IMHO. check out food n sport online. good luck!

  32. Thanks for watching. I never give specific diet or medical advice. My videos are just for your education. I suggest you work with a dietitian. Sorry not to be of more help!


  34. Adherence was terrible. Why use quotations about wasting my time? Is it because you know that's what you're doing? You don't show any evidence of having watched the videos. You don't respond to the information I provide you. You just move onto the next thing and hatch another misguided theory for me to deal with.

    I have other things to do. If you keep putting up comments here demanding a response from me and you don't show any inclination to have an intelligent exchange I'll block you.

  35. You said pancreatic fatigue occurs (?) to a greater degree with carbs. Please don't waste my time.

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