3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe | LOW CARB and Great For KETO

Learn how to make 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies! This easy peanut butter cookie recipe is great for the keto diet, and all low carb diets. Each cookie has …

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36 Responses to 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe | LOW CARB and Great For KETO

  1. D Hoosier says:

    Since you kept this video VERY short (first one of yours I've seen) I'm subbing. Thanks for being concise. 👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀👍😀

  2. These cookies R DRY AS FUCK, I almost choked to death!!! What the hell do U add to make them moist, WHAT??????? I tryed oilive oil and melted butter, still DRY as FUCK.

  3. This would make a great cheesecake base as well ! 💕

  4. I just messed mine up, probably because I used stevia instead…. plus should have put 2 eggs😣

  5. Himself Lee says:

    Why on earth would you use the poison for a sweetener. Use real sugar, which is less harmful than an artificial sweetener.

  6. Are these supposed to be crumbly?

  7. Dr. Berg does not recommend peanuts as a nutrient dense Keto friendly food bc it can spike insulin resistance and it is not great on the macro scale. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, macadamia, and Brazil nuts are the better of nut choices for baking or eating. Thank-you for the great reciepe!

  8. Sepia Gray says:

    Great recipe. Just learned about the extra yolks. I think this will help. I added an extra whole egg but I think just yolks would be better.

  9. Morgan Lynae says:

    New to your channel and love all your recipes!

  10. Mimi Mimi says:

    Can Stevia Clear liquid be used instead of whatever sweetener you mentioned?

  11. the1 right1 says:

    Cant find that peanut butter mine has a little sugar on like 2 and 3 added, but I'm having cookies and it's nothing keto can do about it!!!😼

  12. lol – my grandma was making these for me in the 60's – same ingredients.
    Some recipes never die!

  13. You are the king of keto treats!!

  14. Hey, so will it work with a super natural nut butter? As in no additives whatsoever? Also what if I used maple sugar?

  15. I made these today and didn't need extra eggs they were very soft and really tasty , thanks just what I needed, will definitely be making more of these , so easy.

  16. M. Benstein says:

    This will kick you out of ketosis

  17. Bryan Simon says:

    We got Bradley Cooper undercover over here teaching us how to cook keto desserts 🤘

  18. Erythritol doesn’t sound very healthy

  19. Help!! My cookies always crumble. What am I doing wrong?

  20. I just made my first attempt at keto pops well one is 1 1/2 lemons heavy cream and erythritol about a quarter cup blend it up put it in the freezer the other one about 1 cup worth of creamy unsweetened peanut butter vanilla stevia drops about three droppers worth and heavy cream I am really looking forward to trying them.

  21. @Joe Duff , oh man, im so sorry … i ruined your recipie!
    Im from Austria/Europe and never made peanutbutter cookies in my whole life!
    But i love peanutbutter and tried to get one without any sugars. suprisingly i found one!

    So i began to mix the 3 ngridiences (pb, powdered Erithritol, Eggs) and the batter looked kind of firm to me cause i only had 200 grams instade of 250 grams of PB, so i added some melted butter … what a bad idea! What was i thinking???
    I started to make little balls and it was like there was 2 pounds of Oil in it!! because of the little amount of melted butter, i put in before, the batter was all oily! I was able to squeeze out some oil, but it was still way too oily!

    After baking, i tried one … i should have cleaned the oven between my todays chickenwings and the cookies!!!

    All my oily, buttery cookies tasted like burned chicken wings!

    I felt so sorry, about the cookies … but i had to throw them into the trash! No chance, someone could eat them.
    I totally failed with this simple and good recipie.

    But i will try it again, the wright way! 😉

  22. K C says:

    Don't use monk fruit in the raw, bad choice. Yuk

  23. What if I use monkfruit as my choice of sweetener, how much should I use then?

  24. Thanks a lot for this recipe! It is amazing delicious!!!

  25. Have all this Ingredienzien. Hope they will turn out crunchy!

  26. I will make these, I have all the ingredients.

  27. These were sooo good. I made them for my mom because she was suffering from withdrawal and she was so happy.

  28. Indigo Love says:

    Joe, I made these cookies using fresh ground peanut butter from the local co-op. They were fantastic. I added a tiny sprinkle of coconut palm sugar. I stored them in the freezer, which seemed to make them even better – nice and crunchy with great flavor. Of course I ate them in just a few days. Today I made more. This time almond butter (unfortunately in the jar) and I must say they do not compare to the fresh ground peanut butter. The almond cookies are so crumbly they fall apart and have so little flavor; real disappointing. Guess it wasn't meant to be (that is that I should take a rest and not pig out again). I believe the almond butter had too little oil in it, where the peanut butter had plenty. Thanks for such a great recipe.

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