19-Pizza Party Podcast – Web Cartoons – INVADER ZIM Revival – ZELDA tv Series

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45 Responses to 19-Pizza Party Podcast – Web Cartoons – INVADER ZIM Revival – ZELDA tv Series

  1. I remember 30 second bunnies xdddd

  2. VvVLuffy says:

    when you said pink quirky girl did you mean nora? nora is the best

  3. Weiss Schnee is the best character on the show.

  4. MLGWolf69 says:

    I love Nora…… ;(

  5. Kody Ruiz says:

    the way it started was freaking funny.

  6. Blake Winter says:

    Oh nooooooo. I'm from the future and that "what if one of them loses an arm" comment makes me sad

  7. So my school also did Shrek the Musical and it was awful. We advertised it on our TVs, made posters for it, and even made t-shirts for it. My school did all this stuff to hype it up and barely anyone saw it

  8. everyone loves Magical Trevor
    'cuz the tricks that he does are ever so clever
    look at him now, disappearing a cow?
    where is the cow?
    heading right now
    taking a bow is Magical Trevor

    and so on and so forth.

  9. YUCKBOI says:

    Toonami was only gone for three years?


  11. Pan forgot about Battle For Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity.


  13. Talking about RWBY 12 episodes in. "Does anyone chop of there arm?"….. 3 season later. Oh Yang, if only you had watched this, you might have gotten a clue.

  14. grey pool says:

    Question: which cartoon from the early 2000s was ur favorite and why

  15. Reon Kuwata says:

    I guess now his waifu material are widow material…. I'm sorry ;w;

  16. 34:55  Filthy Frank reference?

  17. Kayla Kao says:

    When do they start to talk about rwby

  18. L Bomb says:

    47:01 I was waiting the WHOLE entire podcast for you guys to mention Bonus Stage. YES.

  19. jaster21 says:

    they should have talked about eddsworld

  20. Suck it Pan Nora is the best girl, you just love Weiss because she'll treat you like shit like a tsundere cunt.

  21. noah2x4 says:

    This was my first podcast and I have no idea how I stayed and watched

  22. UNJUKE says:

    There's volume 3 of RWBY coming later this year.

  23. SuckaFish says:

    I love how the download links DON"T DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST

  24. I think I know what Pan looks like guys.

  25. …. FAN GIRLING ZIMS COMEING BACK whens the release date?

  26. Finally the tyranny of Emily is over (knock at the door) what's up fuckers. Oh no she here she's got a gun (gunshot) she's now finally dead 

  27. pedal lol says:

    H*R on the thumbnail is the only thing that drew my attention to listen

  28. Lyra Chan says:

    This is probably the best episode of the podcast. <3

  29. Ghosty says:

    Emily's dead hell yeah

  30. eJay says:

    "Is she breathing through a respirator like she deserves?"

  31. paleo is such a cunt

    fuck him

  32. tsartomato says:

    he start screaming and my browser crashed

  33. Ash Kitt says:

    God, this took me back.
    Remember Star Wars Gangsta Rap? Where's My Pie? End of Ze World?

  34. I remember finishing rwby in 1 day and I was 11 years old it was worth it and I would always going crunchyroll to finish volume 2 when I was 12 and I'm 13 now and I'm turning 14 in June

  35. I started crying at the point that said Monty.

  36. 0:150:33 nolan killed pan's sister emily

  37. XD NOLAN killed pan's little sister

  38. MichiTatsu says:

    Holy shit I thought I was the only one who saw Run Lola Run (or Lola rennt). We saw it in my German class last year

  39. i did not expect to ever hear somebody bring up bonus stage on this podcast holy shit

  40. (futurama) i actually got that reference, and that shit was in the first season  

  41. Tito Tagle says:

    Hey pan you should review aot

  42. N7 Lemon says:

    I enjoy hearing about web cartoons as I haven't been very current on the subject, just wish you guys knew enough to actually talk about them :B

  43. Olivia Slug says:

    i fucking love ken gdi 

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